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Which add refrigerant gas, which refrigerant must add liquid?

by:Arkool     2020-08-23

One, the filling principle 1, liquid filling filling liquid refrigerant, is refrigerant cylinders upside down, because is liquid refrigerant inside the cylinder, the cylinder upside down, by adding the liquid tube to the refrigeration system is a liquid refrigerant. Note: the part of the cylinder is put fluoride mouth can reach to the bottom of the cylinder, the cylinder is though, are made, but added the liquid refrigerant. 2, gas filling filling gas refrigerants, refrigerant is the cylinder is made; Because the upper cylinder space is gaseous refrigerant, so is the gaseous refrigerant of the refrigeration system is added and now. Second, why do you want to add gas and liquid, why some refrigerant gas, liquid some want?

 1, the three concepts refrigerants, non azeotropic mixed refrigerants and single working medium azeotropic refrigerants single refrigerant substance: refrigerant components only a working medium; Such as R22, R290; Non azeotropic refrigerants: two or more different refrigerant mixture to a certain percentage of the refrigerants, it in saturated state, the composition of gas liquid two phase composition; For example, R404A, R410A; Azeotropic refrigerants: there are two or more different refrigerant mixture to a certain percentage of the azeotrope, this kind of refrigerant under certain pressure can keep certain evaporating temperature and the composition of gas liquid two phase keep ratio unchanged. For example: R500, R508A;

 2, liquid or gas? 1) Whether gaseous or liquid refrigerant, single working medium inside composition will not change, so the filling refrigerant can filling gas. 2) , azeotropic refrigerants although composition is different, but the boiling point is the same, so the composition of gas and liquid two same, so you can filling gas; 3) , non azeotropic refrigerants due to the boiling point is different, so the liquid refrigerant and gas refrigerant composition is not the same, actually as if gas, will inevitably lead to add refrigerant components, such as only added a gaseous refrigerant, so can only add the density of its liquid. Three, how to distinguish the single working medium, azeotropic, non azeotropic? Single medium, azeotropic refrigerant can filling gas; Non azeotropic refrigerant must be filling liquid; But how do we tell azeotropic, non azeotropic refrigerants? To see whether the refrigerant type; According to the refrigerant naming rules: azeotropic refrigerants: behind the R of the first number is '5', behind the two Numbers according to the practical order number. R507 non azeotropic refrigerants: behind the R number order no.  400, in accordance with the order. R411 four, why non azeotropic refrigerants must add liquid, why the azeotropic refrigerant must add liquid? Let's look at the refrigerant R410A, obviously, '4' at the beginning of refrigerants, affirmation is azeotropic refrigerants, composition is as follows: R32, Methylene fluoride) : 50%; R125 ( Five fluorine ethane) : 50%; Check table shows the boiling point of R32 and R125 refrigerant physical properties, which is why the cause of the non azeotropic refrigerants; And let stand, when R410A refrigerant cylinders R32 R125 due to different boiling point, will inevitably lead to the refrigerant cylinders on partially evaporating gaseous refrigerant and components, it is not 50% R32 + 50% R125, due to the low boiling point R32, so probably on the part of the refrigerant is R32 components. If add gaseous refrigerant, added is refrigerant R410A, but R32. Other non azeotropic refrigerants can only add up the cause of liquid.
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