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Where is the air conditioner Freon Plus? The correct steps to add freon to the air conditioner?

by:Arkool     2021-03-26

Living conditions are getting better and better. Air conditioners are inseparable in the hot summer. However, air conditioners are used all year round. In order to ensure good cooling effect, we need to add freon to the air conditioner. However, many people don’t know where and where to add freon. Fluoride step. So the editor will introduce where is the air conditioner Freon Plus? The correct steps to add freon to the air conditioner?

Where is the air conditioner Freon Plus?

Before adding fluoride, not only need to understand the steps of adding fluoride, we also need to know where the position is. The air conditioner fluoride position is at the interface of the outer machine thick pipe. There are two other nuts. After opening the small nut, add fluorine, and the large nut has an inner hexagon. Send 2 turns counterclockwise to start adding fluoride, and tighten it clockwise after the end.

The air conditioner consumes Freon during operation. Once the Freon is reduced to a certain level, it will not be able to support the operation of the air conditioner normally. Of course, if the air conditioner is not refrigerated, it does not necessarily mean that it is lacking in fluorine. We also need to understand the time when the air conditioner is fluorinated. The situation of different users is different.

For example, for some households with good airtightness and infrequent use of air conditioners, adding fluorine to the air conditioner once can be used for a long time. Generally, you have to wait until about three years before adding it once, and the effect of other people's use It will not be affected at all. And if the user who is not well airtight allows the fluorine to leak out, then this may need to be added once every six months or so.

The correct procedure for adding freon to air conditioner?

1. When adding fluoride in summer, the air conditioner can be directly operated in the cooling mode. Because the fluorine operation cannot be performed in the heating state, when fluorine is added in winter, the method of heating the reversing valve line must be used to force the air conditioner to enter the cooling state. After the air conditioner is started normally, connect the fluorination equipment from the process port on the side of the low pressure valve of the outdoor unit. During this process, the air and dirt in the fluorine pipe must be discharged.

2. Observe the low-pressure pressure in summer, when the ambient temperature is about 32 degrees Celsius, the pressure is controlled at about 0.45MP; observe the high-pressure pressure during heating in winter, and control it at about 1.7MP after the pressure is stable. Remove the fluoride equipment; remove the fluoride equipment in the cooling state, and tighten the outer machine to seal the container; if the equipment is removed in the heating state, a large amount of freon leakage will be caused. The addition of fluoride is complete. For air conditioners suspected of leaking, check with detergent foam.

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