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What types of refrigerant? What's the difference?

by:Arkool     2020-03-12
< p> 1, R22 used widely in our country. Some experts believe, if the R123 will eventually released, so R22 release day is not far away, they are also trying to, want to R22 is classified as environmental protection refrigerants, think from the perspectives of environmental protection, safety, efficiency, taken together, the best refrigerant R22 is, and the destruction of the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect also is not only the influence of the refrigerant, cannot isolate, one-size-fits-all out R22. Some experts point out that in our country, our country can use R22 in 2040, is the political and diplomatic cost and obtain, if required by some manufacturers now, disable R22 ahead of time, the economic impact of too big, refrigerant and oil needs to be imported, is China's own irresponsible to myself; And now the fate of R123 and R22. < / p> < p> 2, R123 and R22, is also a class as refrigerant, now some manufacturers, R123 as R22 substitutes in propaganda. In addition, the factory with 'R123 negative pressure operation in the refrigeration system evaporator, leak less' as the reason, to relevant departments to try to do the work, want to R123 for environmental protection refrigerants. < / p> < p> 3, everything was originally appeared as a substitute R12, the thermal physical properties and unit volume refrigerating capacity close to R12, now in the heat pump units and household refrigerator and other places have been widely used, mainly used in the centrifugal chiller everything as a refrigerant. However, because of its volumetric refrigerating capacity only two-thirds of R22, In the evaporation temperature below - Smaller at 23 ℃) , so not too widely application in the positive displacement compressor. In addition, everything GWP reached $1600, especially the TEWI is higher than that of R22, belongs to the Kyoto protocol restrictions on the use of refrigerants. In addition, the evaporation temperature below - 15 ℃, is not recommended to everything. < / p> < p> 4, R407C is made of 52%, 25%, 23% of R32 R125 and everything according to the quality of mixed percentage mixed refrigerants. Was originally appear as R22 alternative, 2002 years ago was very seriously, but no longer booming in recent years. In theory, the thermal physical properties of R407C and R22 are similar, but, as mixed refrigerant R407C, the temperature drift at 7 ℃, in a small, air-cooled refrigeration system, can very good use of its temperature drift characteristics, improve the efficiency of the system; However, in large refrigeration system can not be good use of the properties, similar unit, the actual refrigerating capacity and COP are R22 units that are lower than 10%, and mass transfer resistance is big, so the heat exchange is relatively poor, and therefore it is difficult to be favorred, basic is no longer used in recent years. < / p> < p> 5, R410A is made up of 50% of R32 and 50% R125 in accordance with the quality of mixed percentage mixed refrigerants. Azeotropic refrigerant R410A while the dispute, but slip temperature is only about 0. 1 ℃, almost can be classified as azeotropic refrigerants. Because of the high pressure and the original is not widely accepted, but in the past two years is very popular. Unit volume of R410A refrigerating capacity is about 145% of R22, COP about 5% lower than the R22, GWP and TEWI also is not too high, originally is a good alternative refrigerants, but because of the high pressure, at the same temperature, the saturation pressure, estimated at 50% more than the saturation pressure of R22, security, materials and other aspects of the problem to resolve. According to the current developing trend of R410A should be in the coming years will be more and more valued. Mainly used in small units. < / p> < p> 6, R404A consists of 44% of R125, 4% 52% of R143a, everything according to the quality of mixed percentage mixed refrigerants. Glide temperature of about 0. 6℃。 At the same temperature, the saturation pressure is higher than saturation pressure of R22 is about 5-10%. R404A volumetric refrigerating capacity is higher than R22 by about 5%, but the COP is about 5-10% lower than the R22. In the case of low evaporation temperature is more applications. < / p> < p> 7, everything,, R407C, R404A, R410A, R507 when use, need to use synthetic oil, such as POE oil. This kind of oil and refrigerant has strong hydrophilicity. Using these alternative refrigerants, also greatly improve the operation and maintenance requirements. 8、CFCs( CFCS chlorofluorocarbon) : all halide, excluding hydrogen molecules. Stable due to the presence of fluorine atoms, molecules, long life, in the atmosphere will be spread to the stratosphere, Cl cause the destruction of the ozone layer and attenuation. ( Such as the R11, R12, R113) 。 < / p> < p> 9,氢氯氟碳化合物( Hydrogen CFCS hydrochlorofluorocarbon) : part of halide, hydrogen molecules can contain at the same time, chlorine and fluorine. ( Such as R22, R123) 。

  10、FC( Perfluorinated hydrocarbon fluorocarbon) : contains only carbon atoms in the molecule and fluorine atoms. ( Such as R116 RC318) 。

  11、HFC( HFC hydrofluorocarbon) : no freon chlorine, hydrogen molecules in the part of halogenated, does not destroy the ozone layer, the ODP = 0. ( Such as R125, everything, R245) 。 < / p> < p> < / p>
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