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What types of refrigerant? How to detect leakage?

by:Arkool     2020-07-01
Refrigerant is also called the refrigerating agent, it is a cycle in the refrigeration system and through its own change of state in order to realize the refrigeration work material. Refrigerant in the evaporator absorbed by the cooling medium ( With air or water, etc. ) Heat and evaporation, in the heart of the condenser heat transfer to the surrounding air or water and condensation. The kinds of refrigerants: ( 1) Inorganic compounds. Water, ammonia, carbon dioxide, etc. ( 2) The derivatives of saturated hydrocarbons, commonly known as freon. Mainly methane and ethane derivatives. R22, everything, etc. ( 3) Saturated hydrocarbons. Such as propane and isobutane. ( 4) Unsaturated hydrocarbons. Such as ethylene, propylene, etc. ( 5) Azeotropic mixture refrigerants. Such as r114, etc. ( 6) Non azeotropic mixed refrigerants. Such as R407c, R410 etc. In accordance with the standards of refrigerant evaporation temperature, usually is divided into high, medium and low temperature. Evaporation temperature refers to the standard evaporation temperature under atmospheric pressure, also is the boiling point. High temperature low pressure refrigerant: evaporation temperature above 0 ℃, condensing pressure lower than that of 29. 41995× 104Pa。 This kind of refrigerant applies to air conditioning system of centrifugal compressor. Medium pressure medium temperature refrigerant: temperature refrigerant in medium voltage: evaporation temperature - 50 ~ 0 ℃, condensing pressure ( 196. 113-29. 41995). × 104Pa。 This kind of refrigerant is commonly used in ordinary single-stage compression and two-stage compression piston refrigeration system. High pressure low temperature refrigerant: high pressure low temperature refrigerant: evaporation temperature below - 50 ℃, the condensing pressure is higher than 196. 133× 104Pa。 This kind of refrigerant is suitable for low temperature part of the complex overlapping refrigeration equipment or - under 70 ℃ low temperature device. Refrigerant leakage detection? Visual: find somewhere system have oil stains, here may be for the leakage point. Unless there is a big defect, system suddenly the big funnelled fracture, and the system leakage is the colored liquid medium, visual leak detection can't positioning, because of the leakage place usually is very small, and many parts of the refrigeration system can hardly see. Second, bubble water or soap water leak detection: filling the 10 - to the system 20 kg/cM2 pressure of nitrogen, and then in each part of the system with soap and water, bubble point is the leakage point. This way is the most common mechanic leak detection methods, but the man's arm is limited, people of vision scope is limited, so most of the time don't see funnelled. Three, nitrogen water leak detection: filling the 10 - to the system 20 kg/cm2 pressure nitrogen, put the system into the water, the bubble point is the leakage point. The moisture of this way obvious disadvantages: leak detection with easy to enter the system, results in a material from corrosion in the system, at the same time high pressure gas may cause greater damage to system, leak detection when the intensity of labor is very big also. Four, fluorescent leak detection: it is the use of fluorescent leak detection agent in the uv/blue light leak detection under the light emit bright yellow green principle, for all kinds of fluid leakage in the system for testing. When use, just put the fluorescent agent according to certain proportion to join the system, the system operation after 20 minutes to wear special glasses, with leak detection of external light system, leak will yellow fluorescence. Five, the differential pressure of gas leak detection: the system inside and outside differential pressure, differential pressure through sensor amplifier, expressed in the form of digital electrical signals or voice or leak detection results. This method is only & other; Qualitative & throughout; To know whether or not the system leakage and cannot find funnelled accurately. Six, halogen leak detection, leak detection light, armed with air tube on the halogen lamp, when the pipe mouth near the system leakage, flame color to purple blue, namely that here there is a lot of leakage. With open fires this way, not only is very dangerous, and flame and refrigerant will produce harmful gases, moreover also difficult to accurately locating funnelled. So few people use this way now. Seven, electronic leak detector leakage: electronic leak detector is a reliable leak detector, because of the leak detection precision quickly occupy the market over the years, when used with a probe to where possible leakage mobile, when leak detection device alerts, namely that here are leaking. Using electronic leak detector for leak is the most scientific and simple rapid leak detection method.
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