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What types of air conditioning refrigerant and the difference?

by:Arkool     2020-07-24
With the improvement of living standard, now almost every household has put on the air conditioning, but not much about the understanding of air conditioning inside, only know that air conditioning not refrigeration, is the lack of fluorine, and the working principle, and use of air conditioning refrigerant what is the difference between model and other models. In fact, air conditioning refrigerant refrigeration major is air conditioning with air conditioning, air conditioning refrigerant actually like refrigerator refrigerants, today, is to tell everyone about the types of air conditioning refrigerant, and air conditioning refrigerants have what features. Types of air conditioning refrigerant compression type refrigerants for the extensive use of refrigerants are ammonia and freon and hydrocarbons. According to the chemical composition, refrigerant can be divided into five categories: inorganic compound refrigerants, freon, saturated hydrocarbon refrigerants, unsaturated hydrocarbon refrigerants and azeotropic mixture refrigerants. According to the condensing pressure, refrigerant can be divided into three categories: high temperature ( Low pressure) Refrigerant, medium temperature ( Medium voltage) Refrigerant and low temperature ( High pressure) Refrigerants. Commonly used freon refrigerant R12, R22, r114 and R1341a, because of other types of refrigerant has now been discontinued or disable. Freon 12 ( CF2CL2,R12) : is a kind of freon refrigerant application more, mainly for medium and small food bank, household refrigerator and water, road refrigerated transportation are widely used in refrigeration equipment. Freon 22 ( CHF2CL,R22) : is a kind of freon refrigerant application more, mainly used in household air conditioner and cryogenic refrigerator. Freon 502 ( R502) : r114 consists of R12, R22 to 51. 2% and 48. The percentage of 8% mixture of azeotropic solution. Freon 134 a ( C2H2F4,R134a) : is a relatively new type of refrigerants, its evaporation temperature was minus 26. 5℃。 Freon R410A is the tendency of a refrigerant slowly in air conditioning. Belong to the environmental protection refrigerants. The characteristics of air conditioning refrigerant 1. Have certain absorbent, so it is not in 'ice plug' formed in the refrigeration system, affect the normal operation. 2. Should have certain absorbent, so it is not in 'ice plug' formed in the refrigeration system, affect the normal operation. 3. Should have chemical stability: no combustion, no explosion, don't break down in use, not bad. And the refrigerant itself or with the mixed such as oil, water, corrosion of metal should not have a significant effect, effect on swelling of sealing material should be small. Safety requirements. 4. , because of the refrigerant leak during running requirement working medium without damage to human health, non-toxic, no stimulation. The use of air conditioning, the current research and development of environmentally friendly refrigerant slowly upgrade, R410A replacement in the main international market of global trends and prospects of usage and dynamic R410A physical properties data of entering the international market, is a kind of mixed refrigerant, it is by R32 ( Methylene fluoride) And R125 ( Five fluorine ethane) Consisting of a mixture, its advantage is that can be used according to the specific requirements, for a variety of properties, such as flammability, capacity, exhaust gas temperature and efficiency into consideration, tailored to synthesize a kind of refrigerant. R410A appearance not cloudy, colorless, volatile, boiling point - 51. 6 ℃, freezing point - 155℃; Its main features are: 1. Does not destroy the ozone layer. Its molecular formula does not contain chlorine, therefore its ozone depletion ozeme depletion potential ( ODP) To zero. Global warming ozeme depletion potential ( GWP) Less than zero. 2. 2. Very low toxicity. Permissible concentration and R22, too, are 1000 PPM. 3. Don't burn. The flammable in air polarity is 0. 4. High chemical and thermal stability of 5. Water solubility and R22 is almost the same. 6. Is mixed refrigerant, is composed of two kinds of refrigerants 7. Not with mineral oil or alkyl benzene oil miscibility. ( With POE [ Ester lubricants] ,通过 Ether lubricating oil] Miscibility)
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