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What is the refrigerant? Those you don't know the refrigerant inside

by:Arkool     2020-06-12
When it comes to the invention of the refrigerant, we naturally think of is 'air conditioning'. Refrigerant brought a more comfortable life for people, but the environment problem is also serious. Ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect caused by global warming, under the influence of sustainable development, the research of new environmental protection refrigerant has become an urgent problem in the refrigeration industry. This class, we would make a special explanation refrigerant problems, together to look at what you don't know the refrigerant! ! ! ! 1, what is the refrigerant? Refrigerant, commonly known as 'snow' is used to transfer heat energy in the air conditioning system, refrigeration effect of working fluid. Refrigerant R22 is a member of the family of freon, belong to chlorine halogenated hydrocarbon ( Is simple to understand the molecular structure of 'CHF2Cl' contain 'chloride ( Cl) 'Element, namely 84 disinfectant out that shares the main components of the *) 。 Owing to the refrigerant to the ozone layer has the very big harm, according to the regulations of the Montreal treaty, began to freeze the production from 2016, China has made a commitment to completely stop using 2020. Montreal treaty called the Montreal protocol, in 1987 at the United Nations environment programme (unep) advocated by the government is common in many countries to prevent depletion of the ozone layer and a treaty signed in Montreal, Canada. 2, pan freon back in those years when buying air conditioning, there are always many businesses take 'no' as the selling point of product environmental protection propaganda. The fact is it true? Halogenated hydrocarbon also called freon, is saturated hydrocarbons ( Hydrocarbons) The floorboard of the halogen derivative ( Freon, du pont has in the past long-term use of the trademark name) In the 1930 s, with the development of chemical industry and the type of refrigerant. Because of its invention solves the problem of refrigeration industry for many years, so it became an important milestone in the development of refrigeration industry. Actually freon variety, due to the chlorine elements contained in the part of the refrigerant ( Cl) The existence of these refrigerants in the process of slow oxidation decomposition, generates a lot of greenhouse gases, such as CO? Such as the destruction of the ozone layer. Though we've said, in front of the destruction of the ozone layer is the 'chlorine in refrigerant ( Cl) 'Elements, but working in China for this replacement, in order to facilitate consumer understanding, many merchants in the sales will take' no 'as the selling point of product promotion. 3, the most widely used of refrigerant in the refrigerant R22 slowly withdrew from the historical stage, R410A became the most widely used of the refrigerant. It is the main component of R32 and R125, all do not contain chlorine (' Cl) 'Element. This kind of refrigerant because its does not destroy the ozone layer, rest assured, safety, effect is good, is used by most of the air conditioner manufacturers to promote. Such as mitsubishi heavy industries K scale central air conditioning of the air conditioning system used in the R410A refrigerant, compared with R22 system can greatly improve the refrigeration capacity, more secure environment. 4, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant when it comes to the most environmentally friendly refrigerant, actually in A. D. 1967, SaDeXiu, he proposed the use of 'carbon dioxide CO? 'As a refrigerant. It is non-toxic, the use of safe, using temperature range is particularly high pressure. Due to the manufacturing ability is limited, so the equipment is very heavy, had been abandoned by the civil equipment. ( When SaDeXiu luo: don't meet me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ) Fortunately, in recent years, because of its no damage to the atmospheric ozone layer, and has a good heat transfer performance at the same time, SaDeXiu again aroused people's wide, theory research, 'carbon dioxide CO? 'As a refrigerant also have been applied in certain occasions. Cold media as the 'blood' of air conditioner run, importance is self-evident. Believe that through today's introduction, can help you have some new knowledge of refrigerant, let more users to enjoy easy and cool to provide the high quality cold media products and services.
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