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What is the refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-07-05
Cold media ( Refrigerant) , in the air conditioning system, through evaporation and condensation, the heat transfer of a substance, commonly known as freon ( Freon) 。 Refrigerant into a gas is a kind of easy absorption of heat, and easy heat release into the liquid material. Early with ammonia refrigeration plant coal when cold, when ammonia compression, heat release into a liquid. When the high pressure liquid relief into gas, heat absorption. The air conditioner is commonly used in daily life, with cold coal is, CFCS but use will damage the ozone layer, CFCS before scientists have developed won't destroy the ozone layer. CFCS Ideal refrigerant non-toxic, no explosion, for metal and nonmetal, no corrosion, no combustion, leakage is easy to detect, chemical stability and the lubricating oil without damaging, has the high latent heat of evaporation, harmless to the environment.
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