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What is the nature of the refrigerant in requirements?

by:Arkool     2020-03-27
< p> ( 1) With excellent thermodynamic properties, so that can run at a given temperature area has high cycle efficiency. The specific requirements for: critical temperature is higher than the condensing temperature, and the condensation temperature corresponding low saturation pressure don't is too high, the standard boiling point, small fluid heat capacity, low adiabatic index, unit volume larger heat, etc. < / p> < p> ( 2) With excellent thermal physical properties of the specific requirements for: the higher heat transfer coefficient, low viscosity and low density. < / p> < p> ( 3) Has good chemical stability requirement of the working medium at high temperature has good chemical stability, guarantee the working medium is not decompose under the highest working temperature. < / p> < p> ( 4) With good oil solubility < / p> < p> ( 5) Safety working medium should be non-toxic, without excitant, no combustion and explosive. < / p> < p> ( 6) Good electrical insulation < / p> < p> ( 7) Economy requires working medium is low, easy to get. < / p> < p> ( 8) Environmental protection requirements of substance ozone-depleting ozeme depletion potential ( ODP) With global warming ozeme depletion potential ( GWP) As small as possible, to reduce the damage to the atmospheric ozone layer and lead to global warming. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> < / p>
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