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What is the difference between refrigerant R22 and R410A refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-08-04

R22 refrigerant and refrigerant R410A refrigerant can be referred to as air conditioning, is the blood of air conditioning, refrigerant, or lack of too much will affect the normal operation of air conditioning, currently on the market, is one of the most widely is refrigerant R22, R410A refrigerant. It is also the supply of air conditioning refrigerant, refrigerant R22 and R410A refrigerant have what distinction, let's take together to look at! Refrigerant R22, R410A refrigerant from the name, one of the difference of characteristic point of view: one of the most widely used refrigerant R22 refrigerant is before, the chemistry of refrigerant R22 called methylene fluoride a chlorine, as part of the hydrogen CFCS. Because of R22 refrigerant can produce with great harm to the ozone layer, so the Montreal agreement, will be fully eliminated more than 2020 years ago. Now, many manufacturers have stopped using R22 refrigerant air conditioning. R410A refrigerant is now the world recognized can replace R22 most appropriate the most environmentally friendly refrigerant, already in Europe and the United States, Japan and China and other countries.

 Refrigerant R410A refrigerant is a new type. R410A refrigerant composed of two kinds of quasi azeotropic mixture, mainly include hydrogen, fluorine and carbon elements. R410A refrigerant has stability, non-toxic, superior performance, etc. Because of R410A refrigerant does not contain chlorine, so will not damage the ozone layer. 

 And the air conditioning performance of R410A refrigerant will be better. Second refrigerant R22, R410A refrigerant difference from a performance point of view: 1, single material refrigerant R22 refrigerant is; R410A refrigerant by HFC - 32 ( R32) And HFC - 125 a mix of two different material. 2, than R410A refrigerant R22 refrigerant vapor density. The system of the same capacity, the refrigerant mass flow rate is the same. If the diameter of gas piping in the same, compared with R22 refrigerant R410A refrigerant vapor velocity slow to about 30%. 3, the operation pressure of refrigerant R410A about 50 ~ 70% higher than R22 refrigerant. Through introduction and analysis of the above, we can see that the refrigerant R410A belongs to low toxicity, and does not burn; 

 And R410A refrigerant does not destroy the ozone layer, and the ozone depletion coefficient of refrigerant R22 to 0. 05. Than that of R22 refrigerant R410A refrigerant system, the total heat transfer characteristics of the play, can significantly improve the efficiency of the system, and reduce heat exchanger heat transfer area. R410A refrigerant these advantages is why can replace R22 refrigerant R410A refrigerant is now the most widely used refrigerants. At present, R22 refrigerant has been gradually replaced, the previous old air conditioning are basically used as refrigerant R22, general air conditioning will be marked above. In recent years are basically used as refrigerant R410A air conditioning, use and product performance will be more perfect than before, and adapt to the direction of the refrigerant, now so R410A refrigerant is the best choice to replace R22 refrigerant.
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