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What is the air conditioning refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-07-21
Air conditioning refrigerant known as snow in many parts of the south, air conditioning refrigerant is a key factor in whether can assure air conditioning refrigeration. Through the cold cycle refrigeration system to realize refrigeration. If the lack of air conditioning refrigerant, refrigeration, air conditioning will not so for a long time, will affect the service life of air conditioning. Below we take you to learn more about the air conditioning refrigerant. Have the air conditioning refrigerant currently widely used, common household air conditioning before using R22 refrigerant, now mostly use environmental refrigerant R410A; Automotive air conditioning with R12, R22, R600, R407C, everything. The worst refrigerant R12 ozone is also influence model, has been the basic production, most of the auto refrigerant is done with everything refrigerants, refrigerant is also known as cars. On the use of, basically in accordance with the requirements for air conditioning acquire ( Mark: what type of refrigerant filling air conditioner body) Add, add own ( Use the table) Master, also can get professional maintenance of the air conditioning to add. Not mixed refrigerants, and model no air conditioning refrigerant, don't add casually, can damage the air conditioning refrigeration system, the late add will cause leakage.
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