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What is the air conditioning air conditioning refrigerant and how it can help you?

by:Arkool     2020-06-11
What is air conditioning refrigerant air conditioning refrigerant is usually exist in fluid or gas compounds. It absorbs heat from the environment, and when and when combined with other parts, such as compressor and evaporator can provide refrigeration or air conditioning. If you have already heard of air conditioning refrigerant phased out other refrigerants, so you need to the working principle of refrigerant and its role in cooling housing. Air conditioning refrigerant works without refrigerants, there is no air conditioning and refrigeration or freezing technology. Air conditioning refrigerant contains copper coils. When refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor air, it from the low pressure gas into high pressure liquid. Air conditioning components will refrigerants to outside, the fan will be hot air blowing through the coil and its discharge to the external. Then refrigerant cooled down and back to low pressure gas. Located in the home of another fan blowing air cooling coil, to produce the cold air distribution in the whole building. Then the cycle is repeated. KFR - edge features: haier air conditioning 26 gw / 12 maa21au1 small air conditioning which is 1 set of machine intelligence cfc-free, frequency conversion air conditioning, the same is also adopts the intelligent control system, at the same time using the 'core' is strong, the quality of the compressor, provide a powerful motivation, let more stable performance, temperature control more rapidly, while increasing longevity, more energy saving save electricity, the design of the broadband cfc-free, frequency conversion, can let the machine run low rate, enhanced efficiency and energy saving, no matter the peak season or unstable voltage or the winter heat can normal boot. And haier KFR - air conditioning 26 gw / 12 maa21au1 machine comes with a small air conditioning set a key self-cleaning function, can easily help except the PM2. 5, the primary energy efficiency to save money and energy saving, PVM human body comfort systems, rapid cooling, quiet more energy efficient. Compared with traditional air conditioning design slightly square, the frequency conversion air conditioning haier adopted elliptic cylindrical design, let air conditioning as a whole is full of fruity and dynamic visual effects. On colour, the appearance is the design of fine gold, not only simple and beautiful, and very easy to be the highlight of the space, breaking the silence of space. Adopts the design of long-distance air supply with users and farther supply experience, to avoid the cold wind blowing straight body of discomfort. Sorching summer, let the user experience to the last and easy cool effect, is a cool summer. The type of refrigerant for many years the most common refrigerants for air conditioning include: 1, CFCS. Known that helps to greenhouse effect. Production stopped in 1994 of new shares. 2, CFCS. The damage to the ozone is a little small, but the demand according to phasing out the Clean Air Act of 2010 and will be eliminated in 2020. 3, HFC. Mixture of chlorine, it is safer for the environment, and is now used to replace other refrigerants, operation of the air conditioning is more efficient and better air quality, comfort is higher and higher reliability. About using the law of air conditioning refrigerant air conditioning refrigerant than other types of refrigerant is more suitable for the environment, but it is not 100% safe. Prompting the epa to set some rules about the refrigerant treatment and disposal: 1, it is prohibited to deliberately refrigerant emissions. Low loss parts must be used to limit the purging, connect or disconnect the release of the air conditioning refrigeration dose. 2, technical personnel must do our best to recycle and deal with refrigerant. 3, the use of refrigerant air conditioning and other appliances must be in accordance with the processing rules for processing. 4, refrigerant leaks must be fixed within 30 days. 5, only licensed heating, ventilation and air conditioning company and technicians can buy refrigerants.
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