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What is a super capacitor?

by:Arkool     2020-08-21

Today we bring about super capacitor related knowledge, including the concept of super capacitor explanation and the physical properties of the capacitor. Super capacitor is a kind of electric capacity can amount to thousands of great capacity of farah capacitor. 

 According to the principle of capacitor, capacitance depends on the distance between the electrode and electrode surface area, in order to get such a large capacitance, as far as possible to narrow the distance between the super capacitor electrode, electrode surface area increased, therefore, through the theory of electric double layer and porous activated carbon electrode. Super capacitor electric double layer medium on the two electrodes of a capacitor voltage, near the place on the dielectric interface of the electrode and electrode carries charge polarity opposite charge and bound on the medium interface, form the two electrodes of the capacitor in fact. And activated charcoal porous electrode can obtain a great deal of electrode surface area of 200 m2 / g. 

 Thus the structure of the super capacitor has great capacity and can store a lot of electrostatic energy. In terms of energy storage, super capacitor of the properties between conventional capacitors and batteries. When electric potential between the two electrode plates under REDOX electrode potential of the electrolyte, electrolyte interface will not charge from the electrolyte, the super capacitor in the normal working state, Usually under 3 v) , if the voltage of the capacitor 2 than electrolytic oxidation reduction electrode potential, so, the electrolyte decomposition, in the abnormal state. As the super capacitor discharge, the charge of positive and negative plates will be open circuit discharge, electrolyte interface response to reduce the charge. To see the super capacitor charge and discharge process is always a physical process, no chemical reaction, so the performance is stable, and the use of chemical reaction of storage battery are different.
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