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What are the types of common refrigerator refrigerant? ( ]

by:Arkool     2020-07-30
At present the main way of refrigerator in refrigeration is divided into: motor compression type, absorption, electromagnetic oscillation type and semiconductor type refrigerator. In the refrigerator air conditioning controlled circulation cooling way classification: also called between cold type ( Air-cooled) Or frost-free refrigerators. Refrigerator has a small fan forced air flow in the oven, so the evenness of temperature in the oven, cooling speed, easy to use. But because has defrosting system, power consumption is larger, making relatively complex. Cold air natural convection: also called ZhiLengShi or cream freezer. It directly by the evaporator in the freezer or freezer with a evaporator, in addition the upper chamber has an evaporator, directly by the evaporator absorbs the heat and cooling. This kind of refrigerator structure is relatively simple, small power consumption, but temperature inefficiencies is a bit poor, use less convenient. Refrigerator using refrigerant and can be divided into several categories: 1. Inorganic compounds refrigerant ( Ammonia, carbon dioxide, water, etc. ) Basically, this kind of refrigerant used in industry. 2. Freon refrigerant ( R12 R22, etc. ) This is our previous main commonly used refrigerants in the household refrigeration appliances, such as refrigerant in the refrigerant good stability is the most stable, for atmospheric pollution, it is just so we can very reluctantly give up what one favours to find alternative refrigerant R12. 3. Hydrocarbon refrigerants ( Methane, ethane, ethylene propylene, etc. ) This kind of refrigerant is mainly used in petroleum and chemical industry etc. 4. The last class of refrigerant is at present we are widely used to replace a refrigerant R12. Everything mixed working medium R600A this is common in the society, the mixed working medium in the current should not be cfc-free refrigerants, because it is made up of R22 with r114 mix, itself contains fluoride compounds, it is a transitional product. Everything should not be strictly cfc-free refrigerants, because it has fluoride compounds, it is also a substitute R12 transitional product. 5. The last one is the current domestic refrigerators, freezers, the most widely used R600A refrigerants, it is can find the most close to the cooling performance of a refrigerant R12, and relatively save usage, only 1/3 of the refrigerant R12, although there are some problems, but the effect is better. Common refrigerator is mainly the refrigerants, the most widely used is R600A, later have better refrigerant substitutes will continue to update.
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