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What are the precautions for the application of refrigerant r404a and?

by:Arkool     2020-08-02
At present due to the continuous application of environmentally friendly refrigerant, update of each type of refrigerant, refrigerant R404a belong to environmental protection refrigerants is widely used in model. Refrigerant r404a as colorless gas at room temperature, under pressure from its own colorless transparent liquid, the refrigerant is suitable for all normal operation environment, the most close to the R - 502, then for the application and matters needing attention of refrigerant r404a don't know everybody know? Well, then we will take you to the specific introduce some relevant content about the refrigerant r404a. 1, R404a brand, dongyue, longed for, honeywell, gold is cold, and cool lippo, three beauty brands. 2, R404 refrigerant packaging not repeat use cylinders 10. 9KG。 Repeated use the cylinder 400 l / 800 l / 926 l / 1000 l. The tanker 18 t. 3, R404A, storage, transport refrigerant R404A cylinders for pressure container, storage should be away from fire and heat source, prevent sun direct insolate, often store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Should be light, light discharge when handling to prevent damaged cylinders and valves and other accessories. 4, R404A refrigeration oil and refrigerant R404A usually with refrigeration oil: ICEMATIC SW32, SW220, EMKARATE RL32H, RL170H, etc; Eventually in different equipment, different application places use what kind of frozen oil, should follow the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration ( Air conditioning) Equipment manufacturers advice, or according to the refrigeration compressor, refrigeration equipment used in specific circumstances to determine the use of the same design and technician for freezer lubricating oil, namely select peer-to-peer frozen oil. 5, use refrigerant R404A is new clothes replace freon refrigeration devices one of the most common industry standard of the refrigerant R22, r114? ( Usually in the low temperature refrigeration system) R404A, most close to the R - 502 of operation, it applies to all R - 502 can be normal operation environment, R404A get most of the world's recognition and use of refrigeration equipment manufacturers. But with R404A and r114 and R22 physico-chemical properties, theoretical cycle performance and compressor oil are not the same, and so for die erste installation for r114 and R22 refrigerant refrigeration equipment after-sales maintenance, if need to add or replace refrigerants, still can add r114® and R22, usually can not directly and substitute R404A r114, R22 ( That is often not the type of replacement can be change) 。
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