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What are the different in the process of using R22 and R410A

by:Arkool     2020-06-22
As we all know, the use of the use of different refrigerants have different methods, today we will take the use of R22 and R410A for everyone to do the introduction, let's take a look at what are the differences. 1, R22 refrigerant compressor usually use mineral oil; R410A refrigerant compressor with organic synthesis oil commonly, common POE ( Ethers) 通过( Ester) 。 R410A cannot miscibility with mineral oil, R410A air conditioning system with mineral oil, R22 with) , which may lead to freezing oil degradation, generate metal salt hydrolysis. In addition, and other refrigeration oil blending, if the wrong use frozen oil, oil mixed with later, will produce a phenomenon of oil sludge plugging capillary road. 2 higher than that of R22, R410A refrigerant pressure about 1. Six times or so, so, in the process of construction and after-sales service in case of wrong operation, is likely to be a major accident. When installing a R410A refrigerant air conditioning, special tools and materials, please use the R410A injection operation. 3, during installation, mobile air conditioning, please don't put R410A refrigerant outside air mixed with air conditioning refrigerant circulation line. If mixed with air and gas, will lead to abnormal high pressure refrigerant circulation pipeline, the main cause of the circulation line rupture, crack. 4, due to the pressure of R410A is higher, so the piping, tools such as special. Copper pipe wall thickness, to obey the JISB 8607 [ Refrigerant used bell mouth and connected head] The provisions of the amendment, in accordance with the requirement to select R410A allows the use of copper tube. 5, R22: general runtime, inspiratory pressure to zero. 40 ~ 0. 70Mpa( Normal system back pressure or 0. 5Mpa。 R410A: general runtime, inspiratory pressure to zero. 70-1. 15Mpa( Gage pressure) 6, for R410A compressor is special; Do not allow the compressor compressed air, easy cause an explosion. R410A air conditioning has a dry filters, air conditioning using R22 refrigerant generally have no filter drier. 7, R410A refrigerant machine used in the compressor in POE oil lubrication, POE oil and water, formation water and acid, and the generated water can cause POE oil reaction further, if the chain reaction down for a long time, the moisture inside the system will be more and more, could make the capillary in ice plug phenomenon; At the same time system circulation within the working medium acid will be more and more high, PH lower) , could lead to corrosion in the system components, and produced copper plating. When installed, it is forbidden to sweat drip into the connecting tube; It is strictly prohibited to other insoluble impurities mixed with the system. 8, when maintenance, cut refrigeration system as long as it is, for whatever reason, all want to change the filter drier. In maintenance, if need to change parts, dedicated to use R410A, shall not be mixed and R22. 9, because of azeotropic refrigerant R410A class, because of the changing proportion of R410A components is not big, so can also be liquid filling ( Judgment for cooling or heating effect is a bit poor, or low pressure is less than 15%) Leakage, but more or completely leak, want to use vacuum pump for pumping air into vacuum state, liquid filling. The above information is hangzhou cool we arrange for everybody, everybody for R22 and R410A in the use of the differences are in the process of understanding? Hope to be able to bring you some help, if you have a demand on refrigerant, welcome consultation discussion with us.
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