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What are the differences between the R410A and R22 refrigerant? Take a look at!

by:Arkool     2020-08-01
R410A and R22 refrigerant difference and brass difference in where? A lot of friend said it is difficult to distinguish between. Come down and we know about the differences between them, be sure to remember! 10 different 1, R410A of R22 and R410A belongs to low toxicity, no combustion propagation, R22 non-combustible also; Does not destroy the ozone layer 2, R410A and R22 is fatal for the ozone layer destruction; 3, than R22, R410A system the total heat transfer characteristics of heat transfer efficiency is high, the heat exchanger can be miniaturized; 4, R410A system refrigeration capacity better, R22 was 100%, 147% R410A; 5, R410A for HFC - 32 ( R32) And HFC - 125 mixture refrigerant; 6 work pressure is higher than R22, R410A 50 ~ 70%, about 1. Six times; 7 is larger than that of R22, R410A vapor density is big, so R410A steam flow rate compared with R22 slow about 30%; 8 is more soluble than R22, R410A. When particles floating in R410A, can smoothly circulate in the system; Higher request of the copper tube, 9, R410A and R22 can use ordinary brass; 10, R410A fatal problem: can produce greenhouse gases, the effect of greenhouse gases produced by the even greater than the R22. Therefore, R410A and not air-conditioning final environmental protection refrigerants solutions in China. Copper tube R22 copper tube and R410A difference and note 1, R410A brass must use high strength compressive special brass. Spare parts must also use dedicated. R410a copper tube can be used in place of the ordinary R22 brass, but absolutely can't use regular R22 pipe to replace R410a; 2, new refrigerant R410A fission when installed, shall not be used and R22 air conditioning connecting pipe and confused refrigerant; 3, R410A air-conditioner installed high requirements. Action quickly, emptying should fully, do not connect the sweat drip into the tube, don't put other insoluble impurities into the system, is best done in sunny day; 4, maintenance, if cut the refrigeration system, it is necessary to change the filter drier, and time of the refrigeration system is exposed to the air shall not be more than five minutes. 5, after the maintenance of pumping air into vacuum state, the use of vacuum pump should be special vacuum pump, may not cause refrigerant mixture of pollution, and must ensure that the vacuum time in more than 25 minutes. 6, R410A refrigerant should be stored in under 30 ° C environment, if the above 30 ° C, in the environment must be under 30 ° C environment for more than 24 hours before using.
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