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What are the commonly used refrigerants? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various?

by:Arkool     2020-05-03
At present, the use of refrigerant has as many as hundred kinds, and is growing. But for the food industry and only a dozen of air-conditioning refrigeration. Xian set net below our answer for everybody commonly used refrigerants have? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various? (NH3 Code: R717) , ammonia is one of the most widely used in medium voltage temperature refrigerant. The solidification temperature of ammonia - 77. 7 ℃, the standard of evaporation temperature for - — 33. 3 ℃, condensing pressure generally at room temperature for 1. 1 - — 1. 3 mpa, even when the summer cooling water temperature as high as 30 ℃ less than 1. 5MPa。 Advantages are: easy to obtain, low cost, moderate pressure, large unit refrigerating capacity, high exothermic coefficient, almost don't dissolve in the oil, small flow resistance, leakage is easy to find. The disadvantage is that: there are irritating odor, poisonous, can burn and explode, corrosion of copper and copper alloy. CHClF2( Code: R22) Scientific name, R22 is of halogenated alkane, methylene fluoride a chlorine, standard evaporation temperature is about - — 41 ℃, freezing temperature is about - — 160 ℃, the condensing pressure is similar with ammonia. R22 the most widely application scope, main usage: used for reciprocating compressor, used in home air conditioning, central air conditioning, mobile air conditioning, heat pump water heater, dehumidifier, frozen type dryer, cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment, Marine industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, refrigeration condensing units, supermarket display cabinets and other refrigeration equipment and so on. CH2FCF3 ( Code: everything) , everything as alternative refrigerant R12, R134a has a very low toxicity, no flammable in air, security category for A1. Everything has a good chemical stability, however, because of its water soluble than R22, so adverse to the refrigeration system, even if there is a small amount of water, under the action of lubricating oil and so on, will produce a acid, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or to metal corrosion effect, or 'copper' effect, so everything on the system of the dry and clean even more demanding. Refrigerant R404a, R404a is a non azeotropic mixed refrigerants of chlorine, colorless gas under atmospheric pressure, store is compressed in the cylinder of liquefied gas. The ODP is 0, so R404A ozone layer is not to undermine the atmosphere environmental protection refrigerants. Main use: R404A is mainly used to replace R22, r114, clean, low toxic, non-combustible, refrigeration effect is good wait for a characteristic, a large number of used in cryogenic refrigeration system. R - , 410 - a refrigerant R410A under atmospheric pressure is a chlorine fluoroalkane non azeotropic mixed refrigerants, store is compressed in the cylinder of liquefied gas. Is not to undermine the ODP is 0, so R410A atmospheric ozone environmental protection refrigerants. Main use: R410A is mainly used to replace R22, r114, clean, low toxic, non-combustible, refrigeration effect is good wait for a characteristic, a large number of used in household air conditioner, small commercial air conditioning, household central air conditioner, etc. R407C, R407C is a chlorine fluoroalkane non azeotropic mixed refrigerants, colorless gas, storage is compressed in the cylinder of liquefied gas. The ODP is 0, so is not destruction of atmospheric ozone environmental protection refrigerant R407C. r600a ( Isobutane) R600a is a new type of excellent hydrocarbon refrigerants, derived from natural ingredients, no damage to the ozone layer, without the greenhouse effect, green environmental protection. Characterized by a large latent heat of evaporation and cooling ability; The flow performance is good, delivery pressure is low, low power consumption, load temperature picks up speed. Compatible with all kinds of compressor oil. The disadvantage is that: flammable gas. Mixed with air to form explosive mixture, heat and flame is in danger of burning explosion. Contact with the oxidant violent reaction. Its vapor is heavier than air, can spread in the low to very far place, fire will fire back to combustion. r32( Methylene fluoride) , alternative as r32 mainly 22 for distribution of the mixed refrigerants in low temperature. Although it is zero ozone depletion potential, but it has a high global warming potential, on the basis of every 100 years, its potential is 550 times of carbon dioxide. The disadvantage is that: the r32 ( Methylene fluoride) Is a kind of combustible gas in the air combustion limit of 14% - — 31% ( Volume ratio) HFC -, room temperature 32 structure stability, not easy to decompose, but at a flame and high temperature decomposition for HF, carbonyl fluorine, etc. ( R32 explode the news of the fire were common, cooling tip: be sure to use R32 vacuum! ) R290( Propane) , the R290 propane is a new kind of environmental protection refrigerants, mainly used for central air conditioning, heat pump air conditioner, air conditioning and other small household refrigeration equipment. Under the same volume of R290 small amount of perfusion and experiment prove that under the same system volume of R290 perfusion amount is about 43% of R22. Due to the latent heat of vaporization of R290 is about 2 times of R22, so the amount of refrigerant in the refrigeration system of R290 cycle. R290 with good material compatibility, and copper, steel, cast iron, lubricating oil and so on all can good compatibility. Defect is: refrigerants R290 propane, flammable and explosive.
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