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What are the common issues as refrigerant r404a? ( ]

by:Arkool     2020-08-02
Q: does r404a refrigerant replacement need to vent? Answer: R404a is mixed refrigerant, is to put a vacuum before filling. Change or mixed ratio, is short of effect, even damage the equipment. Q: what is the difference between R22 and R404A? A: freon R22 a member of the family, former physics teacher said that will damage the ozone layer, is one of the few developed countries in the use, in 2030, China will also be eliminated bans the use, R404A cheap compared price certainly. R404A ( Belong to the environmental protection refrigerant) Is new clothes replace freon refrigeration devices one of the most common industry standard refrigerant R22. It is important to note that if you need to add or replace the refrigerant R22, R404A type cannot be change. Q: flammable refrigerant r404a? A: no combustible. R404A is a non azeotropic mixed refrigerants of chlorine, colorless gas under atmospheric pressure, the store is compressed in the cylinder of liquefied gas. The ODP is 0, so R404A ozone layer is not to undermine the atmosphere environmental protection refrigerants. Main use: R404A is mainly used to replace R22, r114, clean, low toxic, non-combustible, refrigeration effect is good wait for a characteristic, a large number of used in cryogenic refrigeration system. Q: containing fluorine refrigerant r404a not? Answer: dupont refrigerant R404A belong to environmental protection refrigerants, suitable for low temperature refrigeration. Q: how much is the refrigerator refrigerants with low pressure R404 work? A: refrigerator refrigerants with low pressure is 4 - R404 work 6 range is normal. By HFC125 R404A, HFC - A and HFC - 134 143, which is a mixture of colorless gas at room temperature, under pressure from its own colorless transparent liquid, R - In 404 a is suitable for low temperature of new commercial refrigeration equipment, transportation, refrigeration equipment, or update your equipment. The most close to the R - 502 operations, or even up to 15 ℉ ( - - - - - - 9. 4℃) Or more cold, the refrigerant is suitable for all R - 502 can be normal operation environment. Q: 134 a and 404 a refrigerant can swap? A: both used synthetic compressor oil, oil is no problem. But R134Ag R40A features or sent a lot. R404 on operating pressure is higher than everything, the same condensation temperature of 50 degrees 22 R404A pressure. 9 bar, everything 13 bar pressure. Unit volume refrigerating capacity R404A than R134A has a little high, about 1. 4 times. That is to say, if you don't change the system of compressor, the original use everything with R404A, press displacement unchanged, but the capacity is 40%, so the original two device is too small, this system is not working. On the other hand, if the original is R404A, change everything, refrigerating capacity is approximately 60% that required by the original system can run, no big problem on security.
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