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What are the classification of air conditioning refrigerant? Basically covers all!

by:Arkool     2020-07-25
Widely used in the compression type refrigerants refrigerants are ammonia and freon and hydrocarbons. According to the chemical composition, refrigerant can be divided into five categories: inorganic compound refrigerants, freon, saturated hydrocarbon refrigerants, unsaturated hydrocarbon refrigerants and azeotropic mixture refrigerants. According to the condensing pressure, refrigerant can be divided into three categories: high temperature ( Low pressure) Refrigerant, medium temperature ( Medium voltage) Refrigerant and low temperature ( High pressure) Refrigerants. Inorganic compounds refrigerant: this kind of refrigerant used early, such as ammonia, NH3) And water ( H2O) , air, carbon dioxide ( CO2) And sulfur dioxide ( SO2) And so on. For inorganic compounds refrigerants, international regulations, code-named 'R' and the back of the three Numbers, of which the first for the two digits after the '7' for molecular weight. R718 water. 。 。 And so on. Freon ( Halogen carbon compounds refrigerant) : freon is saturated hydrocarbons (all or part of the hydrogen element in CL) And fluorine ( F) And bromide ( Br) After replace the floorboard of the derivatives. International regulations, use the 'R' as a symbol of this kind of refrigerant, such as R22. 。 。 And so on. Saturated hydrocarbons: this type of refrigerant mainly methane, ethane, propane, butane and cyclic organic compounds, etc. Code with freon as using the 'R', this kind of refrigerant flammable and explosive, safety is very poor. Such as R50, R170, R290. 。 。 And so on. Unsaturated hydrocarbon refrigerants: this type of refrigerant is mainly ethylene ( C2H4) , propylene ( C3H6) And their derivatives, halogen elements after they R number is '1', more like R113 and R1150. 。 。 And so on. Azeotropic mixture refrigerant: this type of refrigerant is by two or more different refrigerant mixture to a certain percentage of the azeotrope, this kind of refrigerant under certain pressure can keep certain evaporating temperature and the gas phase or liquid phase keep composition ratio remains unchanged, but their thermal properties are different from before mixing material, azeotrope can be used to improve the characteristics of the refrigerant. Such as R500, r114. 。 。 And so on.
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