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What are the cause of the air conditioning refrigeration result is bad? - - - - - -

by:Arkool     2020-05-12
Hot summer weather, if there is no air conditioning company, that feeling is worth living. But if home have air conditioning, the air conditioning not refrigeration, feel more cold? So what are the cause of the air conditioning not refrigeration? Encountered such a situation to do? Let's tell you why air conditioning not refrigeration and solution. A, not enough refrigerant or leaked the general air conditioning use longer, air conditioning refrigeration effect will become poor, air conditioning refrigerant will be as the change of time gradually evaporate, encountered such a situation when you need to check the air conditioner itself is the condition of the refrigerant leakage. The solution: air conditioning refrigerant is not enough, as long as add enough snow for air conditioning refrigeration can solve the problem of air conditioning not refrigeration. But if not enough air conditioning refrigerant because of refrigerant leakage, we need to the leakage of air conditioning parts of hollow sealed by welding and repairing add enough snow can solve this problem. Second, the air conditioning for a long time not to clean air conditioning for a long time without cleaning can also lead to air conditioning not refrigeration, air conditioning after a long time on the radiator of dust accumulation, make air conditioning cooling heat sink can't timely, heat dissipation effect variation resulting in air conditioning not refrigeration. Solution: in a timely manner to the cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning, make air conditioning heat sink can normal cooling, improve the cooling effect of the radiator. Three clogged air conditioning refrigeration systems, air conditioning and refrigeration system congestion can also lead to its refrigeration function from otherwise normal operations, in general, the frequent start-stop outdoor, indoor function remote control run normally, but the rev. Stop in about three minutes, outdoor and three minutes out of the wind is not cold, which can be judged as refrigeration system failure. Solution: by the filter with nitrogen and capillary removed, and then to the filter and capillary, evaporator, pipe, etc all blow, can remove the dust inside. Four, the environment temperature is too high this without refrigeration is common in our outdoor in a relatively closed space or machine around the outside temperature is too high, so it is extremely easy to outdoor parts due to no air circulation in the little space, lead to the radiator the heat out of no way to run and make air conditioning refrigeration; Has a common saying that when the outdoor temperature more than 43 degrees, most of the air conditioning is difficult to convey indoor quantity of heat through the radiator outdoor to outdoor, also can cause air conditioning not refrigeration. Solution: change the use of the outdoor environment, move away from high temperature environment or make it easier for the surrounding outdoor air circulation. Five insufficient air conditioning of power, the power of air conditioning might be due to the power of air conditioning is small, but to provide a large space of refrigeration, or poor sealing of the room, doors and Windows have no the good, the heat inside the room more wait for a reason. Solution: deal with air conditioning power will provide the refrigerating capacity of the large space of this problem, you need to air conditioning power and provide the capacity to match the size of the room, room heat source is more at the same time, to improve the use of the room environment, increase the space of the sealing. Six, air conditioning compressor not turn compressor because of excessive current and make the thermal protection actions ( Or poor contact) ; The operation of the compressor capacitor capacity drops, or damage; The temperature of the air conditioner control inappropriate or temperature detecting probe damage will result in air conditioning compressor does not turn, thus affecting the refrigeration effect. The solution: boot, inside the machine normal operation, within a few minutes after boot, outdoor fan operation, the phenomenon such as compressor did not turn. ( Compressor not turn judgment method: using the card table, measure the terminal box outdoor of current value, because the fan power is small, it is easy to make judgments. ) If the compressor operation, without refrigeration, can be in touch during operation the liquid tube (outdoor A thin brass) Whether the joint fever, suction tube ( Thick tube) If there is a very cool feeling. If the suction tube, fluid pipe, nor too cold, not hot, is a sign of lack of fluorine, should add fluorine; If the suction pipe is very cool, should check whether the indoor machine of the fan is rotating. If you don't turn capacitance is broken cause compressor, it is recommended that air conditioning maintenance company change of capacitance. Seven, between outdoor and indoor machine of some air conditioning copper tube is too long because of the needs of the installation or installation is unreasonable, the ventilation pipe is too long, low heat transfer efficiency, that may cause air conditioning not refrigeration. Solution: use proper air conditioning copper tube length between outdoor and indoor machine, air conditioner connecting line of the rules of the maximum allowable length of a horse the longest cannot exceed 8 meters, 1. 5 - 2 the longest must not exceed 10 meters, more than 2 horse no more than 15 meters. Difference in height between the indoor and outdoor machine not more than 5 m. Eight, air conditioning power questions the power of the air conditioning refrigeration can not check the air conditioning is good, the joint of air conditioning and power condition, the existence of contact block if air conditioning not connected to the power supply or a bone of course will appear without refrigeration. Solution: the power of the air conditioning problems, only need to insert the power of the air conditioning to good, make sure air conditioning can normal electricity is ok, if it is a power failure, you need to find the corresponding maintenance personnel to repair. Nine voltage instability of air conditioning, air conditioning voltage instability could not reach the predetermined voltage of air conditioning, just like people didn't eat satisfied work, air conditioning work can be very demanding. Generally there will be a voltage instability is during peak season. Solution: this need from stable air conditioning when a voltage on the one hand, can look for an electrician to help with. If the home have air conditioning not refrigeration, can try again, all the above methods are can not find the local air conditioning maintenance company for repair.
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