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What are major USES refrigerant R22 refrigerant R22 storage transportation note

by:Arkool     2020-07-03
Refrigerant R22 chemical name for methylene fluoride a chlorine ( CHClF2) , the boiling point for - 40. 8 ℃, melting point to - 160. 00℃。 Refrigerant R22 to metal has good stability, no corrosion phenomena, so the refrigerant R22 is the one of the most widely used in the low temperature refrigerant. What refrigerant R22 is the main use: refrigerant R22 is currently widely used central air conditioning, home air-conditioning, refrigeration equipment, industrial dehumidifier, cold storage, fisheries refrigeration, supermarket freezer refrigeration equipment, refrigeration condensing units, frozen food processing and other refrigeration equipment. Refrigerant R22 also can be used in the production of ptfe resin raw materials and fire extinguishing agent intermediates and polymer foaming agent. Refrigerant R22 storage, transportation, note: storage precautions: store in a cool, ventilated non-flammable gas special warehouse. Away from fire and heat source. Library temperature should not be more than 30 ℃. With easy ( Can be) Combustion content stored apart, oxidant, mixed reservoir of avoid by all means. Storage area should be equipped with emergency treatment equipment. Shipping notice: using cylinder transport must wear good cylinder on the helmet. Cylinders generally flat, and the bottle should be in the same direction, do not cross; Fencing height shall not exceed the vehicle plate, with triangle wood mat card prison, to prevent rolling. With no combustible or fuel and oxidant, such as conventional mixing. Summer should be transport in the morning and evening, to prevent exposure to the sun. Railway transportation should prohibit humping. Light light discharge, prevent damaged cylinders and accessories. Equipped with emergency treatment equipment.
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