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What are common air conditioning refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-07-11
1,R - 22R- 22 as today the most widely used in low temperature refrigerant, is mainly used in household air conditioner, commercial air conditioning, central air conditioning, mobile air conditioning, heat pump water heater, dehumidifier, frozen type dryer, cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, Marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, refrigeration condensing units, supermarket display cabinets and other refrigeration equipment. R - 22 belongs to the class as refrigerant, according to the regulations of the Montreal protocol, to fully eliminated by 2030. Main environmental alternatives: R410A and R290, R32, etc. 2, R410AR410A: it is a kind of new environmental protection refrigerants, does not destroy the ozone layer, the pressure of work for the common R22 air conditioner 1. Refrigeration (about 6 times, Warm) More efficient. In recent years, the mainstream in the promotion of frequency conversion air conditioning air conditioning enterprise, has been using R410A refrigerant alternative R - 22. Although R410A the destruction of the ozone layer is zero, but the effect of greenhouse gases produced by the even greater than the R22. Therefore, R410A and not air-conditioning final environmental protection refrigerants solutions in China. The industry unanimously recognized R290 - Best refrigerant alternative scenarios, and received the recognition from the government level. 3, R290R290 said propane again, it is a kind of can be obtained directly from oil cracking of natural hydrocarbon refrigerants, belongs to the new environmental protection refrigerants, mainly used for central air conditioning, heat pump air conditioner, air conditioning and other small household refrigeration equipment. Compared with the freon this synthetic refrigerants, does not contain chlorine atoms in the molecule of R290 natural working medium, therefore the ODP values ( Ozone depletion QianZhi) Zero, damage to the ozone layer has no effect. In addition, with the effects of the same damage to the ozone layer is no HFC material, compared the GWP value of R290 ( Global warming ozeme depletion potential) Close to zero, has no effect on the greenhouse effect. Use a R290 as refrigerant to capture the carbon dioxide emissions reductions of air conditioning, the equivalent of a fuel consumption of 10 litres of hundreds of kilometers car emissions of carbon dioxide by 6000 km. 4, R32R32 also called methylene fluoride, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, low flammability, destruction of ozone ozeme depletion potential ( ODP) Coefficient values (0, global warming GWP) 0. 11, these advantages make it become one of substitute for R22.
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