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What alternative refrigerant R290 with?

by:Arkool     2020-06-20
Is hydrocarbon refrigerants R290, also calls the propane, chemical formula: CH3CH2CH3, boiling point: - 42. 12 degrees, freezing point: - 187. 1 degree, critical temperature: 96. 8 degrees. Performance and r114 refrigerant near, compared with R22 refrigerant near. R114 refrigerant: boiling point: - 45. 6 degrees, freezing point: no mark, critical temperature: 90. 2 degrees of R22 refrigerant: boiling point: - 40. 8 degrees, freezing point: - Critical temperature: 160 degrees, 96 degrees. R290 to flammable refrigerant, the next few years to replace R22 excessive product, you can put the frozen oil changed, in exchange for 22. Can use R22 alternative. Near the primary physical properties of R290 with R22, do not need to change system of compressor and refrigeration oil. The latent heat of vaporization is less than R290 R22, however, that refrigerant perfusion measure needs to add. Because of the refrigerant R22 and R290 in USES extremely similar, so between the two products can replace each other. R290: potential refrigerant alternatives to follow the use and development of refrigeration and air conditioning skills and the demand for refrigerant also appear on the rise year by year, every year to reach hundreds of thousands of tons of consumption. So from the point of long-term effects, to reuse the nature itself exists natural working substance is to achieve sustainable development of environment and resource of ambition. Refrigerants R290, compared with freon this synthetic refrigerants, does not contain chlorine atoms in the molecule of R290 natural working medium, therefore the ODP value is zero, the ozone layer has no damage effect. In addition, with the same damage to the ozone layer is no effect of HFC material comparison of R290 GWP value near zero, has no effect on the greenhouse effect. Now in Germany R290 is now used for household heating and air conditioning system. At present, air-conditioning manufacturers parts have been produced R290 refrigerants in air conditioning.
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