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Using refrigerant r404a related matters needing attention

by:Arkool     2020-06-10
For domestic environmental protection refrigerants development and the use of constant pace again, also gradually appear some environmental protection refrigerants in refrigeration market, is a kind of environmental protection refrigerants, refrigerant R404a environmental protection refrigerant R404a as a substitute for R22, one of the cooling performance of the two is similar, but also need to pay attention to several problems in the process of replacement. R404A replace R22 need to pay attention on the physical properties: 1, the use of alternative refrigerant R22 as refrigerant R404A lubricating oil, must be used PVE ester oil to replace R22 with mineral oil. 2, the exhaust pressure of refrigerant R404A is about 1 of R22. 2 times, mass flow rate is 1 of R22. About five times, exhaust velocity increases, the resistance increased. Condenser, in general, the change of heat capacity than R22 increased 20% ~ 30%. Dupont, at the same temperature and the saturation pressure of refrigerant R22 as refrigerant R404A is different, so the R404A institution and R22 different thermodynamic expansion valve movement. 3, due to the saturation pressure is higher than R22 refrigerant R404A, so the pressure vessel design pressure to make changes in the system. 4, R404A are azeotropic mixed working medium, non azeotropic mixture composition concentration changes with the temperature, pressure, the production of refrigeration system, debugging and maintenance has brought certain difficulties, the heat transfer performance of the system is also can produce certain effect, especially when the refrigerant leakage, all system refrigerant needs emptying displacement, so as to guarantee the proportion of each blend components, and to achieve design refrigeration effect, otherwise it will get worse and worse. 5, because refrigerant R404A and lubricating oil has nothing to do with the intermiscibility of water is very good, so the system of water and residue, cleanliness requirements such as compared with R22 refrigerant are improved, R404A moisture control and impurities control system is a more important indicator, corresponding filter unit in the system, etc. To make changes. Above about the related introduction of refrigerant R404A over here, hope to bring you some help.
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