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Using R600a refrigerants refrigerator refrigeration system maintenance matters needing attention

by:Arkool     2020-06-30
1, repair site: no smoking; Equipped with fire fighting equipment, well ventilated; Equipped with leakage detector/R600a sensor ( If conditions permit) ; Should have R600a dedicated exhaust equipment, work must be open, because R600a is heavier than air, air outlet must be located close to the ground; Ventilation equipment and electric explosion-proof type should be used in venue; The field can not have grooves and pits; Site should have fire sign. 2, maintenance equipment: R600a storage tank should be placed in - alone 10 ~ 50 ° C environment, well ventilated, and warning labels; Leak detection equipment shall ensure that can be used for R600a refrigerant; R600a refrigerator must use special explosion-proof type vacuum pump and filling equipment, due to the different lubricating oil ( Everything lipid oil freezer is used, R600a refrigerator using mineral oil) And R134a has a refrigerator, not allowed in a mixture of maintenance equipment; Because R600a filled volume of the refrigerator only 40 ~ 50% of R134a has a refrigerator, so the refrigerator vacuum and filling equipment shall ensure that a certain accuracy, vacuum degree should be less than 10 pa, filling quantity deviation is less than 1 g; R600a maintenance tool maintenance tools should be kept in contact with the refrigerant and use, shall not be mixed and everything refrigerator maintenance tools. 3, maintenance technology, are not allowed to open the refrigeration system in user home; Refrigerator maintenance before from the nameplate determine the type of refrigerant compressor; Because R600a refrigerant solubility of lubricating oil is stronger, and the pressure is low, the refrigerator low voltage side is usually negative pressure at work, so before repair welding, the refrigerating system shall ensure that the system R600a emissions clean, often should open the emissions of high and low pressure process pipe, and then use R600a special vacuum pump to time of high and low voltage side, with handle gently shake the compressor at the same time; If change the compressor, filling quantity for nominal value on the data plate freezer, if not replace the compressor, filling quantity is 90% of the nominal value; Sealing system shall not use open flame, use ultrasonic welding or lock ring; Must be sealed nozzle to replace down compressor; As R600a refrigeration work, low voltage side of negative pressure, so the refrigerator should be stop condition when leak detection; R600a refrigerator freezer thermostat, lamp switch do not contact with refrigerant, with everything gm refrigerator; R600a desiccant with 134 a refrigerator freezer is used is the same, filter drier can gm ( Only unused new filter drier) ; R600a double capillary the electromagnetic valve of the refrigerator to be of explosion-proof type, can not be used with R134a has a refrigerator.
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