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Used the wrong antifreeze in winter, this intelligence quotient taxes to pay!

by:Arkool     2020-08-09

Antifreeze to improper choice the case of engine failure is common in winter, quickly look to compare, your antifreeze can let love car to survive the winter! It is very important to freezing in winter temperatures plummet, if the freezing point of antifreeze is not low, water in freezing expansion is likely to lead to directly frosty radiator and engine! Antifreeze of choose and buy when, therefore, be sure to see the bottle on the freezing point of value, value is lower than the local minimum temperatures, the freezing point of antifreeze can ensure that extreme low temperature effect. 

 Anticorrosion performance is also very important at the freezing point is not enough, antifreeze anti-corrosion performance is also very important! Without regular inspection of antifreeze often has strong corrosive, generation of sediment, damage to the car cooling system, the corrosion of water tank, water tank damage cases are too numerous to list. Selection of inhibitors have reliable freeze resistance, corrosion resistant performance and prevent overheating. Do not contain amine, nitrite and phosphate, no corrosion of the cooling system. 

 And, more importantly, force the magic antifreeze by Volkswagen, audi, gm, BMW, porsche, Mercedes, skoda in major depot factory certification, quality guaranteed, use more rest assured! Why do antifreeze has a variety of colors? Every factory production of various specifications of antifreeze, in order to differentiate, can join different colors in the antifreeze stain. That is to say, the color of the antifreeze has nothing to do with performance completely, don't again according to the color of choose and buy antifreeze!                                

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