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Under the serious harm of the refrigerating system refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-17
For water chiller refrigeration system, as long as the correct installation, pipe joints and other normal without leakage, system can effective operation for a long time, don't add refrigerant. But if the cold water machine refrigerant leakage, we should first try to find funnelled, then solve the leak, add refrigerant in the end. Then we should be how to judge whether a refrigerant filling? When the cold cold water mechanism system what is the harm? A, 1, the causes of insufficient refrigerant new chiller no filling in accordance with the requirements of the refrigerant. 2, system tightness is not good, cause refrigerant leakage. 3, operation and maintenance is undeserved, cause leakage of refrigerant, etc. Second, the lack of refrigerant filling effect on the cold water machine 1, if compressor suction pressure and exhaust pressure will be lower than normal, it needs to check to see whether because of lack of refrigerant filling. 2, under the condition of insufficient refrigerant filling, compressor running under no rated load, resulting in the chiller light load idling, even when the current is lower than the rated current. 3, lack of refrigerant filling will cause the evaporator inside the evaporation decreased, thus the refrigeration compressor refrigerating capacity fall in the effect not beautiful, at room temperature or the temperature cooling down slowly, or not. 4, if you see the chiller thermal expansion valve appear not frost, few frosted phenomenon. Appear in the working condition of air conditioning without condensation, condensation water little or no, it is possible that the lack of refrigerant filling. 5, if you see little evaporator chiller frost, frosted, or when the working condition of air conditioning condensation, condensation water with little or no, is also a lack of refrigerant filling. When cold water machine, the phenomenon of the refrigerant is insufficient, we should be strict careful inspections for the entire refrigeration system, determine the specific cause or the part of the leak, and troubleshooting, and in accordance with the relevant provisions add refrigerant, water chiller returned to normal operation.
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