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Tight part of refrigerant industry supply and demand prices continue to increase

by:Arkool     2020-08-07

Continuation of 9 ~ 10 month price quotation, affected by the shortage of raw materials, part of the refrigerant product prices continue to increase. Dispatch of the travelling expenses, according to raise 2000 yuan per ton R125 refrigerant products today, nearly 5%, the latest mainstream quotation in 4 per ton. 

 A recent rebound high of about 50000 yuan. Represented by refrigerant fluorine chemical products continues to increase, mainly by the raw material price increases, zombie capacity cannot production. The current refrigerant product inventory is low. Is expected in the first half of this refrigerant supply tight pattern will continue, and subsequent refrigerant product still has a larger price space. 

 We can judge, in the process of this round of price increases, the refrigerant production enterprise's profit space will be obvious thickening.
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