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Three kinds of hot refrigerant, which one will you choose? - - - - - -

by:Arkool     2020-06-14
In recognize the freon the damage to the human body and environment, the freon refrigerant on market is gradually replaced by a environmental protection air conditioning refrigerant. The environmental protection refrigerant have distinguishing feature each, the customer and how to choose? Hangzhou easy cool we compiled the following three kinds of refrigerants, let's see who will be your food! Refrigerant R32 R32 refrigerant ( The ODP is 0, GWP is 675) Japan, in 2012, a green refrigerant air conditioning air conditioning company pioneered R32, thermodynamic properties similar to R410A, filling amount for 70% of R410A system refrigerating capacity is higher than R410A, will help ease the power shortage, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, there was an energy boom, but the GWP value is too high, in the domestic to the popularity of ascension. Refrigerants R290 R290 refrigerant ( The ODP is 0, GWP < 20) , represented by China, Germany, Sweden and other countries of the refrigerant, the latent heat of vaporization is about 2 times of R22, and material has good compatibility, compatible with the original system and the lubricating oil, has a broad market in China, but there are still some problems in application. Refrigerant R436C R436C refrigerant ( The ODP is 0, GWP< 3) , 863 scientific research plan for the national patent, from jiangsu Fred to research and development production, density is only about 40% of the R22, the refrigerating capacity of the unit mass refrigerant is bigger, shortening the time of refrigeration equipment, power saving rate can reach 10% 36%, in using R22 refrigeration system working medium replacement, no changes can be directly filling. Currently applied in jiangsu and guangdong provinces, more actively to develop markets across the country and overseas.
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