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Thinking about air conditioning? If you\'re gonna do it, do it right.

by:Arkool     2020-04-15
Household air conditioners may be harmful to the environment if used excessively, but also because they leak ozone
If improperly installed or disposed of, the refrigerant will be exhausted.
But with the impact of global warming, more and more of us are expected to use air conditioning, and our living conditions can be tolerated in more frequent and intense summer heat waves.
In Quebec, demand for residential air conditioners is expected to grow by 105 between now and 2020 and will grow by 2050, according to the professional organization of certified air conditioning installers in Quebec, the company operates air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
The organization calls on consumers to be careful where they buy air conditioners and entrust them to be installed.
\"Consumers should act cautiously to ensure that these appliances are installed and function properly.
Robert Thiverge, president of CETAF, said in a recent press release: \"Poorly installed air conditioners may leak refrigerant and perform poorly . \".
Because the refrigerant is smell-free and color-free, it is difficult for residents to know if their air conditioner is leaking.
Wall models sold in large box stores are clearly the most at risk of leakage.
There are strict standards for air conditioning installation, and Quebec\'s building code requires that air conditioning can only be installed by certified professionals.
Consumers are encouraged to ask for a permit before allowing anyone to install an air conditioner at home.
For more information, please contact CETAF at 514-735-1131 or by e-
Email at cetaf @ cetaf. qc. ca
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