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The wide application of R600a refrigerants and the advantages and disadvantages

by:Arkool     2020-07-31
Common household refrigerant type on the market are the main refrigerant, refrigerant R22, R410A refrigerant R600a refrigerants, and the more widely used. The physical name is isobutane and is used to replace the refrigerant R12 environmental protection refrigerants, alternative is mainly used for refrigerators, freezers, and other small refrigeration equipment of refrigerant R12, everything; Because R600a flammable, usually only used in less liquid cryogenic refrigeration equipment, also often used to as a composition of mixed refrigerant; R600a compatible with traditional lubricating oil. Let's together to get to know the refrigerator r600a concrete application of refrigerant and the advantages and disadvantages. R600a refrigerants, trumpets, pollution-free advantages 1. 2, high cooling efficiency, small compressor power. 3 R600A refrigerator freon, production cost is low. 4, manufacturing refrigerator R600A refrigerants in the process of its loss is small, and each refrigerator filling R600A refrigeration dose less, so long as about 50 g. 5, refrigerator r600a refrigerant material no special requirements for its system, and the system reliable operation. R600a refrigerant 1, because the flammability of refrigerant R600a shortcomings, so if you use the refrigerator R600a improper refrigerant, easy combustion and explosion. 2, in the refrigerator, the need for safety in production of refrigerant r600a explosion-proof measures. 3, R600a refrigerants are not suitable for air-cooled refrigerator and large dose of filling the fridge.
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