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The use of refrigerant inside characteristics

by:Arkool     2020-07-14
Many freezers have different characteristics of refrigerant, refrigerant its the biggest advantage is the destruction of the ozone layer potential is zero, can satisfy the requirements of environmental protection. But on the other hand, the refrigerant of small molecules, molecular weight is light, strong penetration, and extremely easy bibulous, do not mix with mineral oil. Therefore, refrigeration dose within the compressor on cleanliness requirements are higher. At the same time using R134a has a refrigeration mineral oil do not mix. As a result, everything refrigeration dose within the compressor on cleanliness requirements higher. Freezer and use R134a has a refrigerant cfc-free, also must use ester or new synthetic oil polyols lubricating oil. Everything has corrosive to metal parts, therefore no machinery of the surface of the compressor internal parts are made special treatment. But everything standard boiling point, freezing point and latent heat of vaporization is higher, the refrigerating capacity is about 10% below the refrigerant R12. At present, in the use and promotion of fluorine-free cabinet still an important problem of maintenance support. Because market lags behind, is not only dedicated refrigerant, refrigeration oil, lubricating oil, filter drier and compressor parts, less expensive, at the same time of fluorine-free of maintenance equipment and process requirements are very high. By everything of fluorine-free refrigeration machine, the system of the pipeline oil, water, impurities, such as demanding, is its inherent weaknesses. At the same time it to the dedicated seal material material, dry processing, maintenance tools, and butyl repair shop of technical equipment is difficult to do. There is no denying the fact that everything refrigerants in the current is still a kind of ideal alternative, but in the near future, will be on the basis of it to develop pollution-free, and have no negative effects, to adapt to the omni-directional alternative refrigerants, are widely used in the case of green environmental protection.
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