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The use of new refrigerant considerations

by:Arkool     2020-03-17
< p> refrigerant R22 refrigerant packaging < / p> < p> disposable cylinder packing: 13. 6 kg/bottle, 22. 7 kg/bottle; Reusable cylinder packaging ( Packaging to be recovered cylinder) : 400 kg/bottle, 800 kg/bottle. < / p> < p> refrigerant R22 storage, transportation, < / p> < p> refrigerant R22 cylinders for pressure container, storage should be away from fire and heat source, prevent sun direct insolate, often store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Should be light, light discharge when handling to prevent damaged cylinders and valves and other accessories. < / p> < p> used refrigerant R22 refrigerant oil < / p> < p> usually with the refrigerant R22 with refrigeration oil: Suniso3GS, 4 gs, 5 gs, KunLun 3 gs, 4 gs, 5 gs, ICEMATIC SW220, CP - 4214 - 320年,月经KT15, 22岁,32岁,46岁,56岁,五车二WF68等; Eventually in different equipment, different application places use what kind of frozen oil, should follow the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration ( Air conditioning) Equipment manufacturers advice, or according to the refrigeration compressor, refrigeration equipment used in specific circumstances to determine the use of the same design and technician for freezer lubricating oil, namely select peer-to-peer frozen oil < / p> < p> < / p>
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