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The United States is gradually accept CO2 refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-24
A new study shows that the CO2 refrigeration and air conditioning industry is gradually accepted as a substitute for HFC refrigerants. Initiated by the danfoss company online survey, 84% of the OEM that CO2 can be used as alternative refrigerants in some areas, including supermarkets, industrial refrigeration, freezing/refrigerated transport and vending machines, etc. 'The industry indicator - - - - - - - CO2, 'which for the first time for CO2 survey the purpose is to hope to guide industry use close to the critical and supercritical CO2 refrigeration system. The survey collected from OEM ( 21%) , consulting company ( 13%) And the contractor, 36%) And the end user ( 30%) Feedback, thus, the use of CO2 system and level in the United States. According to the survey found that the application of CO2 system down for a variety of factors, including the requirement for higher energy efficiency, 25%) As well as relevant laws and regulations and the trend of HFC reduction ( 24%) 。 Consulting companies and users pointed out that, along with growing public demands for environmental protection and energy efficiency, CO2 can also reflect the importance of the meet the requirements of sustainable development. American contractor, on the other hand, it is pointed out that, the safety of the CO2 system still cannot be ignored. In Europe, the application of CO2 technology barriers include installation costs (at the beginning of 32%) And lack of contractor related technical training, 40%) 。 Consultancy and end user more concerned about the stability of the system, including the system in operation under the environment of high temperature of outdoor.
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