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The stand or fall of automobile air conditioning refrigeration effect and is there a link between air conditioning refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-17
Many owners have a feeling that her new car reach after a three years later I felt the air conditioning effect is not as good as he used to be, in line with the cheapest way to proceed with, always to the first suspect is the refrigerant because after a long time after failure, today we have a pentium b50, 5 years old car to do the experiment, the car is out of the air conditioning effect is not good, with online said, sell the best a refrigerant to try. The original the original bottle of imported is not fb. Next, air pressure gauge is connected first and then use cleaning agents, the whole line cleaning the air conditioning system again, and then we take a look at the effect of cleaning, this is after cleaning, cleaning agents from the pipeline inside. Originally very clean refrigerants, inside the bag a black regiment, but not a lot of impurities, air-conditioning piping system is relatively quite clean, so the end result is what? Is no effect, the final result of owners don't have any reaction too big change, a set of operations, have not received a penny, also had paid material, sometimes, maintenance personnel also is not everything, believe after some online publicity, thought that the air conditioning refrigerant, maybe really can have this effect, also wanting to have a try, everybody happy with that, the owner save money, save trouble, we also solve the problems, but can not reach the effect. After so many years of maintenance, so the air conditioning system is normal use, if you then feel no less with air conditioning, in my experience, replace the air conditioning compressor, cleaning the radiator, air-conditioning cleaning line, so as to solve the problem, but there is a little air conditioning compressor must use original pieces, never believe beautiful penny do great things.
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