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The role of intelligent low voltage power capacitor in structure

by:Arkool     2020-08-16

Intelligent low-voltage power capacitors are widely used in low-voltage inductive load of power system. Such as the city network, rural power grid, civil construction, industrial enterprises, petrochemical industry, improve the power factor, electrified railway and rail transit in the areas of low-voltage distribution network reactive power compensation, to reduce the line loss, voltage stability of power grid, ensure the quality of power supply, saving energy and reducing consumption synergistic effect is remarkable. 

 So that a new generation of low voltage reactive power compensation device has good compensation effect, more small volume, save costs more, use more flexible, more convenient maintenance, the characteristics of higher reliability, adapted to the modern power grid to the higher requirement of the reactive power compensation. Intelligent low voltage power capacitor in structure breaks through the existing low voltage reactive power compensation equipment, realize the new model of distributed control, centralized management; Compensation systems are less components, low temperature rise, small volume, low power consumption, resistant to harmonic: the structure is simple and easy to implement standardization and normalization, capacity, flexible configuration, security, reliability, economy and convenient use, etc. 

 And forecast input capacitor, the distribution becomes active power, reduce the capacity of investment, reduce the loss of compensation system. Decentralized control in real time for increasing the stability of the compensation system, the zero flow control to reduce the impact on the system voltage, power grid stability system, reduce the loss of equipment and improve the service life of the capacitor, and is of great significance to energy conservation and environmental protection.
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