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The physical characteristics of refrigerant R407C and widely used

by:Arkool     2020-08-01
Refrigerant R407c is R32 and R125 / refrigerant plus everything according to certain proportion mixture refrigerants, is a environmental protection refrigerants, does not destroy the ozone layer and is one of the more widely used refrigerants. Refrigerant R407c corresponding physical properties: R407c ODP value is zero, GWP value is higher. Compared with the boiling point of R22. Under normal atmospheric pressure, the boiling point is - 43. 4 ~ 36. 1℃。 The temperature by the - 36. 1 ℃ slip to the temperature 43. 4℃。 But application and air conditioning system, its vapor pressure than 10% higher than that of R22. Under the working condition of air conditioning, the refrigerating capacity per unit volume and the refrigeration coefficient of 5% lower than that of R22; In low temperature condition, the refrigeration coefficient, though a little change, but the refrigerating capacity per unit volume is lower by 20%. R407c heat transfer performance is poorer, directly affects the change of the refrigerant. With mineral lubricating oil miscibility, R407c cannot but can dissolve in the polyester synthetic lubricants. Have higher request for drying. The wide application of refrigerant R407c R - 407 c as today's widely used in high temperature refrigerant, is mainly used in household air conditioner, small and medium-sized commercial air conditioning, Small and medium-sized unit air conditioning, household central air conditioning, VRF) , mobile air conditioning ( Automobile air conditioner, etc. ) , dehumidifier, frozen type dryer, Marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration refrigeration equipment. Refrigerant R407C is on new refrigeration equipment replacement freon R22 the easiest choice ( Usually for air conditioning systems) ; But because of R22 and R407C physical and chemical performance, performance in theoretical cycle and compressor oil are not the same, and so for die erste installation for R22 refrigerant refrigeration equipment after-sales maintenance, if need to add or replace refrigerants, still can add R22, usually can not directly to replace R22 (R407C That is often not the type of replacement can be change; But for die erste installation using R22 refrigeration equipment, repair or replacement of R417A to directly replace R22) 。 The filling of refrigerant R407c because refrigerant R407c is non azeotropic mixed working medium, in order to ensure the mixture composition does not change, so must refrigerant R407c liquid filling. The operation will be relatively complicated. The right to add refrigerant R407c steps are as follows: ( 1) , first install the manifold gauge, pick up at the end of the pressure gauge in the middle of the green hose, the other end of the vacuum pump. ( 2) And open the manifold pressure gauge and pressure side and mortgage on both sides of the valve, open the vacuum pump, vacuum and the low voltage side of manifold gauge display for 750 MMHG or higher, to keep 750 MMHG or higher pressure, vacuum 10 min. ( 3) , close the manifold pressure gauge valve, on either side of the high side and low voltage side close vacuum pump. Note: if the closed vacuum pump valve (on either side of the High side and low voltage side) Open, the air will enter the air conditioning system. ( 4) Check system sealing: after vacuum pump stop, high pressure and low pressure on both sides of the valve closed 5 min, the manifold pressure gauge reading should remain the same. Tip: if the display pressure increases, the air into the air conditioning system, check the o-rings and the connection of air conditioning system. Note: if the vacuum is not enough, the moisture of the air duct will be frozen, will hinder the flow of refrigerant R407c and results in a table in the air conditioning system of rust. When charging refrigerant R407c, therefore, must be strictly carried out in accordance with the operation steps, such not only can be charging refrigerant R407c reduce error, but also can avoid R407 refrigerant the damage to the body.
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