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The phenomenon of lack of refrigerant what air conditioning?

by:Arkool     2020-07-26
Although after eleven of autumn more powerful, but still hot weather in the south continues, all air conditioning is not entirely on hold. Today Beijing refrigerant supplier - Easy to cool what we want to introduce for you air conditioning refrigerant some of the common judgment method. Hope to be able to help you. 1. Tracheal valve ( Thick tube) Dry. No cool sense of touch. Reason is lack of fluorine, reduce the boiling point of refrigerant in the evaporator and the valve's refrigerant heat increases, the temperature of the valve. 2. Fluid pipe valve ( A tube) Frost. Reason is the lack of fluorine, resulting in a decline in fluid pipe pressure, the boiling point is reduced, the valve temperature below freezing. 3. Open the indoor machine panel, remove the filter, but only a small number of frosted found evaporator. This is the result of the lack of refrigerant, refrigeration area is reduced accordingly. 4. No thermal exhaust air outdoor. The reason is lack of refrigerant, results in the decrease of condensing pressure and temperature. 5. Drainage tube drainage little or no drainage. Reason is that the evaporator cooling area decreases, and also reduce condensation area, condensation water volume is reduced. 6. The gas-liquid outdoor valves with grease. Because the refrigerant and frozen oil has certain solubility, refrigerant from funnelled overflow oil after around funnelled. 7. From the fluoride mouth filling outdoor measuring pressure is lower than 0. 45MPa。 The reason is lack of refrigerant, led to the decrease of the evaporating pressure. In addition, if liquid pipe valve ( A tube valves) Frost, explain the lack of fluorine serious; Only the trachea valve ( Thick tube valves) Frost, indicating a slight lack of fluorine or ambient temperature is too low; Two valves are frost, the system has a secondary throttling phenomena.
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