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The parameters and properties of refrigerant R134A has a

by:Arkool     2020-07-03
Everything in the refrigerant is commonly used in automobile air conditioning refrigerant, now automotive air conditioning basically is to use everything refrigerants. Why choose everything in automobile replace R12? Let below small make up to introduce everything parameters and characteristics of refrigerant. Everything formula: CH 2 FCF 3 ( Four fluorine ethane) , molecular weight: 102. The boiling point: - 26. 26 ℃, freezing point: - 96. 6° C, critical temperature: 101. 1 ℃, critical pressure: 4067 kpa saturated liquid density: 25 ℃, 1. 207 g/cm 3, liquid specific heat: 25 ℃, 1. 51KJ/( Kg• ℃) Solubility ( The water, 25 ℃) : 0. 15%, the critical density: 0. 512 g/cm3 ozone-destroying ozeme depletion potential ( ODP ) : 0, global warming coefficient values ( GWP) : 0. 29 evaporation potential under boiling point: 215 kJ/kg quality indicators: purity & ge; 99. 9%, water PPm≤ 0. 0010, acidity PPm≤ 0. 00001, evaporation residue PPm≤ 0. 01 everything as alternative refrigerant R12, many of its features is similar with R12. Everything very low toxicity, no flammable in air, it is very safe refrigerants. Everything has a good chemical stability, however, because of its soluble water is higher than R12, so adverse to the refrigeration system, even if there is a small amount of water, under the action of lubricating oil and so on, will produce a acid, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or to metal corrosion effect, or producing & other; Copper plating & throughout; Role, so everything higher request on the system of dry and clean. Everything for steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other metal mutual chemical reaction phenomenon has not been found, only have a minor effect on zinc.
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