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The most common air conditioning refrigerant leakage seven methods of leak detection

by:Arkool     2020-04-03
< p> in the summer, refrigerant leakage is the most common fault in air conditioning use. Refrigerant some need to add once a year, and some may add 2 months at a time. Refrigerant leakage cause pollution of the environment, also increases the cost of owner maintenance vehicles and time. Below is the car air conditioning seven methods of leak detection. Visual leak detection < / p> < p> < / p> < p> found somewhere system have oil stains, here may be for the leakage point. < / p> < p> visual easy leakage, no cost, but there is a big flaw, suddenly broken big funnelled, unless the system and the system leakage is the colored liquid medium, otherwise cannot locate visual leak detection, because of the leakage place usually is very small, and automobile air conditioning itself has many parts can hardly see. < / p> < p> soap water leak detection < / p> < p> into 10 - to the system 20 kg/cm2 pressure of nitrogen, and then in each part of the system with soap and water, bubble point is the leakage point. This approach is now the most common methods of leak detection road repair shop, but the man's arm is limited, people of vision scope is limited, so most of the time don't see funnelled. < / p> < p> nitrogen water leak detection < / p> < p> into 10 - to the system 20 kg/cm2 pressure nitrogen, put the system into the water, the bubble point is the leakage point. Soapy water leak detection in front of this method and the essence, while the cost is low, but there are obvious disadvantages: leak detection with moisture is easy to enter the system, lead to the system of material from corrosion, high pressure gas at the same time also is likely to cause more damage to system, carries on the leak detection when the intensity of labor is big, thus make the maintenance costs. < / p> < p> halogen leak detection < / p> < p> light leak detection lamp, armed with air tube on the halogen lamp, when the pipe mouth near the system leakage, flame color to purple blue, namely that here there is a lot of leakage. With open fires this way, not only is very dangerous, and flame and refrigerant will produce harmful gases, moreover also difficult to accurately locating funnelled. So few people use this way now, if you can see, it's probably is in the phase of a civilized society. < / p> < p> gas differential pressure leak detection < / p> < p> use system inside and outside differential pressure, differential pressure through sensor amplifier, expressed in the form of digital electrical signals or voice or leak detection results. This method is only 'qualitative' to know whether or not the system leakage and cannot find funnelled accurately. < / p> < p> < / p>
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