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The misuse of refrigerant R404A accident emergency measures

by:Arkool     2020-08-06

A lot of people know, is a kind of refrigerant R404A not chlorine non azeotropic mixed refrigerants, colorless gas under atmospheric pressure, the store is compressed in the cylinder of liquefied gas, but some consumers or children don't know what is refrigerant R404A, improper handling can easily cause accidents, let's accident caused by improperly using R404A refrigerant handling measures.

 If accidentally inhaled refrigerant R404A, should be immediately move the patient to fresh air place, keep the patient calm, if breathing stops immediately by a trained person with artificial respiration, if breathing difficulties to oxygen, and immediately. If they come into contact with the skin R404A freon, rinse with lukewarm water in contact with the skin, bear in mind that do not use hot water. If the frostbite, the need to hospital. If they come into contact with the eyes R404A refrigerant, should immediately flush the eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, after the check to the hospital at once.

 If they eat ( Of course, is unlikely to eat) Careless, but if eat R404A refrigerants, rushed to the hospital for treatment. The most important symptoms and harm effect: inhaled cause arrhythmia, loss of consciousness, or death. Exposure can cause frostbite. Excessive inhalation caused dizziness, weakness, headache, confusion, action is not harmonious, loss of consciousness, the pulse is irregular, heart palpitations, or poor circulation.
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