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The matters needing attention of refrigerant charging

by:Arkool     2020-05-04
At present some of the air conditioner using R404a, R407c, R410a brew non azeotropic refrigerants, such as cold agent for such system must use liquid filling. Because of non azeotropic mixed refrigerant nature of each component, the boiling point is different, so the non azeotropic mixed refrigerant gas and liquid composition is different, with gas filling local CPA filling the refrigerant composition deviation. Of course, if a can of refrigerant charge completely into a machine is not the problem. 1, non azeotropic mixed refrigerant must use liquid filling if the refrigerant R22 such as single or R507 azeotropic mixture refrigerants, either with gas filling, and can use the liquid filling. 2. To prevent liquid impact the so-called 'liquid impact' refers to the liquid refrigerant in the compressor, compressor of abnormal impact accidents. Say simply is that gas is compressible, and the liquid is incompressible. When the refrigeration system with liquid refrigerant entering the compressor cylinder, will impact the compressor valve plates, causes the damage of valve and other parts, is the most serious consequences may cause permanent damage to the compressor. Liquid impact mainly appeared in the piston compressor. System refrigerant or lubricating oil is overmuch, expansion valve, Or the regulator) The regulation of degree ( Opening) Too big, the heat load of evaporator ( Heat transfer) Is not stable, may cause fluid. Add liquid too fast in the filling process of refrigerant is one of the important cause of liquid impact. The abnormal impact (if the filling of the compressor Tap or hit) Sound, or accompanied by strong swing vibration phenomenon, liquid strike has already occurred. Slightly short of abnormal shocks can issue is not big, but often, long and heavy liquid, can make the compressor even broken, deformation, valve plates rupture and direct damage to the compressor.
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