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The main difference between everything with R12 refrigeration systems

by:Arkool     2020-07-12
Automobile air conditioning system using R134a has a refrigerant do not contain chlorine atoms, not destroy the atmospheric ozone layer; Has a good safety performance, No flammable, explosive, non-toxic, no stimulation, no corrosion) , and the heat transfer performance is better than R12, thus can greatly reduce the dosage of refrigerants, refrigeration system and the traditional R12 main differences are the following: 1, the container to store everything for light blue, and storage containers of R12 is white. 2, R134a has a refrigeration system is made of rubber and nylon special connecting hoses, and in the department have the marks of automobile engineering society and R12 refrigeration system commonly used general rubber hose connecting hoses. 3, R134a has a refrigeration system connecting pipe has a color tag ( Low pressure pipe is blue with black stripes, high pressure pipe is red with black stripes, ordinary pipe is * * with black stripes) The R12 refrigeration system connecting pipe, no tag. 4, everything at the entrance of refrigerant is using a fast connection, and R12 refrigeration system for using thread interface. 5, R134a has a refrigeration system connecting hoses and instrumentation with 1/2 inch thread, in the joint of joint and high pressure at the mouth of the bigger than low pressure mouth; And R12 refrigeration system connecting hoses and instrumentation with 7/16 in the joint of thread. 6, compared with R12 refrigeration system everything refrigeration system with high pressure and temperature, need large cooling fan.
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