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The international day of the ozone layer protection, we talk about refrigerant application and selection

by:Arkool     2020-07-09
In 1985, British scientists have observed a hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic, and prove with freon ( 氯氟烃) A direct relationship between the decomposition of chlorine atoms. The news shocked the whole world. To & other; In 1994, over the Antarctic ozone depletion area already amounted to 2400 square kilometers. On January 23, 1995 the United Nations general assembly decision, each year on September 16 for the international day of the ozone layer protection. Requires that all parties according to the Montreal protocol on ozone depleting substances and its amendment goal, take concrete actions to commemorate the day. On September 16, 2019 of the international protection of the ozone layer, held in jinan. Ecological environment minister li ganjie reiterated in his speech, China always conscientiously fulfill the Montreal protocol on ozone depleting substances and the Vienna convention on the protection of ozone layer, the strict law enforcement as an important safeguard, strengthen the performance results in & other; Zero tolerance & throughout; Wade ozone-depleting substances to crack down on illegal behavior. So we now refrigerants used situation how? The application of refrigerant, household refrigerators, freezers household refrigerators, freezers, etc is given priority to with the whole sealing piston compressor of small refrigeration equipment, R600a mainly used as refrigerant and everything is given priority to, with the implementation of environmental policy, everything is gradually reduced, R290 will usher in rapid development. The environmental protection department ( EPA) Announced that since January 1, 2021, banning everything refrigerant in the new production of household refrigerators and freezers product use, lead to everything in the next few years on household refrigeration equipment usage will continue to decrease. Second, the refrigerant in the commercial application of commercial refrigeration equipment using HCs, HCFCs and HFCs single working medium and mixed refrigerants, the other a few USES HFOs refrigerants in the refrigerated container transportation. In accordance with the commercial demand for refrigerant refrigeration equipment statistics, 2018 commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing refrigerant demand of 5395 tons. Light commercial refrigeration equipment with refrigerant in descending order were demand and everything, R404A, R600a and R290. Large commercial refrigeration equipment with refrigerant in descending order were demand and R22, R404A, everything, etc. Commercial refrigeration market in the next few years will continue to maintain growth, under the demand, the refrigerant market outlook remains wide. In the future, light commercial refrigeration alternative direction mainly R290, large commercial refrigeration equipment with natural refrigerant CO2 and NH3 as the main development direction. Three, industrial refrigeration natural working substance in the future development is industrial refrigeration compressor is influenced by factors such as environmental temperature, working condition, using different refrigerants, mainly by ammonia and carbon dioxide natural working substance, fluorine, hydrocarbon refrigerants. Including fluorine, HCS refrigerants respectively influenced by environmental and safety problems, is reducing year by year; Ammonia as industrial refrigeration traditional refrigerants, price, efficiency advantage but obviously affected by the safety factor, pure ammonia systems use very little, with other refrigerant cascade use more. In 2018, China's industrial refrigeration equipment size 59. 100 million yuan, 4 year-on-year growth. 5%, fluorine, hydrocarbon, natural working substance respectively occupy 52 in the applications of industrial refrigeration. 7%, 19. 0% and 28. 3%. From the point of application products, natural refrigerating compressor in 2018 to 1200, increased 23 on the previous year. 7%. Because of R404A, R507 HFCs transitional refrigerant refrigeration efficiency more than 15%, lower than the ammonia and carbon dioxide system after R22 is prohibited to use, industrial refrigeration field must be a natural working substance in the world, natural working substance products has been accelerating development, natural refrigerating compressor for 1200 units in 2018, increased 23 on the previous year. 7%.
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