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The influence of various foreign bodies of the refrigeration system and the prevention measures

by:Arkool     2020-07-09
In the refrigeration system, refrigerant contains all kinds of foreign bodies, these foreign bodies had a great influence on refrigeration equipment. So you must know caused by foreign bodies is unhealthy phenomenon and the elimination method. One, the influence of moisture in the system of water, has a very bad effect on equipment, general water and refrigerant interact with each other a corrosive action on metals, and at the same time make the lubricating oil emulsion, partly on the small channel at low pressure, sometimes water can freeze blocking channels, etc. , so ammonia refrigerant water content should be & le; 4%. If there is water, freon system not only can produce ice blocks, will cause the system can't work normally. Measures to prevent water from entering the system 1, using air as air test, should try to use dry gas and non-flammable gas, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen, etc. ; 2, choose standard refrigerant; 3, choose standard frozen oil; 4, may not have a leak in the system, especially in a vacuum, prevent air invasion; 5, removing machine the best room in a dry, prevent steam into machines. Second, the effect of gas condensation system not condensation of gas, the most by air and oil at high temperature decomposition of gas generation, because no condensation gas in the system, make the condensing pressure, exhaust temperature rise, reduced the refrigeration capacity, increase the power consumption, especially in ammonia as refrigerant, because do not tend to cause condensation gas explosion, so often should pay attention to in the system doesn't work condensation gas emptying. General object completely through the air separator. When no such equipment, after the compressor shut down, to supply water to the water condenser, the ammonia in the condenser is condensed liquid, no condensation gas gathered in the upper part of the equipment, can be put through the vent valve. Prevent condensation gas from entering the system measures 1, before filling the refrigerants, should make the system to achieve high vacuum; 2, the equipment remove after installation, should be vacuum; 3, exhaust temperature should not exceed 1500 c; 4, system protected from leakage. Three, frozen oil, the influence of the ammonia compressor exhaust gas of lubricating oil in the system, although after the oil separator separation, but there are still a part of the oil into the intermediate cooler, condenser, receiver, evaporator and so on, due to the oil equipment, the equipment surface oil film increase in thermal resistance, make the deterioration of heat transfer, affect the performance of the equipment, and because the proportion of liquid coolant and oil, general oil accumulation in the lower part of the equipment, if there is concave and convex on the suction pipe, oil accumulation in the sunken place, narrow the gas channel, increase the gas flow resistance, under a certain pressure difference, oil suddenly back to compressor, caused by liquid collision accident. When the exhaust temperature is too high, oil deterioration, easily carbonization, carbon deposit around the compressor valve could interfere with the work of valve and so on, so the operator should release the oil from the refrigeration equipment on a regular basis, often clean the compressor exhaust valve. General fluorine in freon system and oil miscibility, need to take measures to make the oil back to the compressor. The above mentioned foreign bodies in the system is easy to jam throttle valve or other narrow passage, the refrigerant cycle interrupt, machine in the idle state; Foreign body in the machine, oil pollution, make the machine wear, if foreign body falls on the seal, will destroy sealing machine or system, light person a small amount of oil leakage, serious when not working. Four, so the equipment installation, attention should be paid to the following items: 1, should remove all equipment and piping of sediment, oxide iron filings, dust, etc. ; 2, remove all sorts of equipment in the water; 3, clean up internal machine for antirust coating of grease and other foreign material, etc. ; 4, for the newly installed equipment, should often clean ammonia filters, liquid ammonia filters in the system, at all levels and the compressor suction filter, oil filter, crank case, etc.
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