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The influence of refrigerant prices for air conditioning enterprise cost

by:Arkool     2020-07-02
Abstract: the data showed that refrigerants for collective rising again recently. R32 is compared in early September, has gained 57. 3%; R410 compared with September, gains have been up to 29. 3%. , according to data recently refrigerants for collective rising again. R32 latest offer for 23250 yuan/ton, compared to relatively early September, has gained 57. 3%; R410 present quotation for 32333 yuan/ton, compared with the lowest price for September 25000 yuan/ton, gains have been up to 29. 3%. At the beginning of the year to date, refrigerant R32 accumulative total prices for 95. 6%; At the same time, the price of R410 gained 78. 4%; R22 price rise to 53. 7%; R125 accumulated rose by 72. 7%; Everything is accumulative total price of 17. 6%. Besides R32, R410 R125 refrigerant and R134a has a recent price increase is quite obvious. Statistics show that R125 currently offer is 38000 yuan/ton, everything is 23500 yuan/ton quotation. These refrigerants are air-conditioning products are frequently used in environmental protection refrigerant. Analysts Xu Yanbin said, the price of refrigerant collective rebound, mainly because of hydrofluoric acid in upstream raw materials. At the same time, air conditioning yield increase from last year this year, the downstream demand is to provide the price of refrigerant pulling power. So, since this year the sharp rise in the price of refrigerant is obviously the cost of influence on the air conditioning manufacturing enterprises? Can learn, in terms of a single air conditioning, and the amount of refrigerant in 1 ~ 2 kg, according to the refrigerant current unit price to calculate, the cost of an air-conditioning refrigerants in a few yuan, smaller proportion of the cost of air conditioning as a whole. According to the current price of refrigerants, since the beginning of the year, each category of refrigerant prices generally rose by more than 10 yuan per kilogram. Xu Yanbin said, & other; Refrigerant prices must be a lot of influence on air-conditioning manufacturers. “ And home appliance observers yan-bin zhang thinks, refrigerant prices is not obvious impact on the cost of a single air conditioning, but companies generally a few hundred to tens of millions of annual output is Taiwan, from the overall, influence still exists. And the relevant person in charge of a domestic air-conditioning manufacturers answer: & other; Have an impact, but don't understand. ” Looking afternoon, Xu Yanbin argues that air conditioning industry will produce small peak in November, in this case, if the supply of hydrofluoric acid is still nervous, refrigerant or will usher in a new wave of soaring prices.
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