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The difference between the refrigerant R417a and R22

by:Arkool     2020-07-17
R417a is by R125, everything and R600 mixed refrigerants, under a standard atmospheric pressure boiling point for - 41. 8 ℃, and R22 to - 40. 8 ℃, critical pressure is 615 pa, R22 for 723. Pa 6, basic are close to, is one of the alternative refrigerants of R22. R22 at room temperature for colorless, approximate tasteless gas, not burning, explosion, corrosion, toxicity than R12 slightly larger, but is still a safe refrigerants, security classification for A1; Pressure can be liquefied colorless transparent liquid. Chemical stability and thermal stability of R22 are very high, especially in without the presence of moisture, can't afford to under 200 ℃ and general metal reaction. In water, only with alkali slow work. It happens in high temperature cracking. Can R417a miscibility with existing frozen oil, suitable for typical R22 direct expansion ( DX) The system USES. It close with R22 operating pressure and efficiency, is a long-term solution to replace R22, without the need for changes to equipment and system, suitable for all kinds of using R22 air conditioning and refrigeration unit. At present, in the European replacement refrigerant R417A market accounted for more than 80% market share, is widely used in shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets and offices and other central air conditioning refrigerant replacement, its energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and simple replacement ( Don't have to change the compressor and expansion valve) Characteristics, has become the product of choice for replacing R22 Europe. Especially the new energy-saving refrigerant air source heat pump water heater is preferred.
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