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The difference between the refrigerant everything and R600a is in the refrigerator?

by:Arkool     2020-07-30
R134a ( Four fluorine ethane) Because of its high water soluble, so adverse to the refrigeration system, even if there is a small amount of water, under the action of lubricating oil and so on, will produce a acid, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or will effect on metal corrosion, so everything on the system of the dry and clean even more demanding. R600a ( Isobutane) Slightly soluble in water, and carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum compatibility good most of the metal. Everything very low toxicity, no flammable in air, security category for A1, refrigerant is very safe. R600a have weak stimulation and anesthesia effect, is a flammable gas, mixed with air to form BaoZa mixture, heat and flame is in danger of burning BaoZa. Contact with the oxidant violent reaction. Its vapor is heavier than air, can spread in the low to very far place, fire will fire back to combustion. The main has certain greenhouse effect. R600a without the greenhouse effect. R600a evaporation pressure, condensation pressure, exhaust temperature than R - 134 a is low, R600a refrigerant low filled volume of the liquid density makes it is R - 45% of the 134 a, cooling performance is good, the refrigeration capacity is R - 55% of the 134 a; R600a refrigerant because of R11 and R12 to the destruction of the ozone layer has strong function, and the greenhouse effect is obvious, in CFCS alternative routes, one is represented by the United States and Japan adopt the alternative route of refrigerant R134a has a; Another is for using hydrocarbons as represented by Germany refrigerant alternative routes. Early Chinese refrigerator industry to focus and effort focused on everything refrigerant alternative routes. Everything refrigerants and mineral oil is not mutual capacitance, the production technology and cleanliness of parts of refrigeration system control requirements are too strict, a rise in the refrigerator after use R134a has a refrigerant energy consumption, at the same time, the refrigerant is still have the greenhouse effect, not the optimal refrigerant alternative routes. Hydrocarbons such as typical isobutane ( R600a) Refrigerant overcomes the drawback of R134a has a refrigerant, the advantages of R600a excellent thermal physical properties determine the refrigerant than CFCS and HFCS with higher energy efficiency, the efficiency of the compressor ( The COP value) And the refrigeration efficiency of refrigerator ( Power consumption indicators) Everything were high. Is due to the energy saving and pollution-free advantages to the environment, Germany's first successful will hydrocarbon refrigerants used for refrigerator. With mature technology and technology, R600a refrigerant refrigeration industry in China has been increasingly widely used.
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