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The difference between the new environmental protection refrigerant R134a has a and refrigerant R12

by:Arkool     2020-07-19
Environmentally friendly refrigerant as early as in 2013 began to use at home and abroad, and in all countries of the world in a variety of phasing out traditional refrigerants, advocate using environmental protection refrigerants. , of course, environmentally friendly refrigerant is mainly embodied in 'energy conservation and environmental protection', does not contain 'Cl' elements of the new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant is new direction of the refrigerator industry development in the future. New environmental protection refrigerants R 134 a and R12 refrigeration system: the main difference between 1, storing refrigerant R134a has a container for the light blue, and the storage containers of R12 is white. 2, R134a has a refrigeration system is made of rubber and nylon special connecting hoses, and in its place have the marks of automobile engineering society ( 年代。 一个。 E. # J2196) ; Commonly used general rubber hose connecting hoses and R12 refrigeration systems. 3, R134a has a new refrigeration system connecting pipe has a color tag ( Low pressure pipe is blue with black stripes, high pressure pipe is red with black stripes, ordinary pipe is yellow with black stripes) The R12 refrigeration system connecting pipe, no tag. 4, everything at the entrance of new refrigerant is using a fast connection, and R12 refrigeration system using the thread interface. 5, new refrigerant R134a has a refrigeration system to connect the hose and the instrument has a 1/2 inch thread, in the joint of joint and high pressure at the mouth of the bigger than low pressure mouth; And R12 refrigeration system connecting hoses and instrumentation with 7/16 in the joint of thread. 6, compared with R12 refrigeration system new refrigerant R134a has a refrigeration system with high pressure and temperature, need large cooling fan. New refrigerant R134a has a advantage: 1, the new refrigerant R134a has a do not contain chlorine atoms, the atmospheric ozone layer can't afford to damage; Without the greenhouse effect. 2, new refrigerant R134a has a good safety performance ( Non-flammable, does not explode, non-toxic, no stimulation without corrosion) 。 3, the heat transfer performance of new refrigerant R134a has a close to, so the refrigeration system retrofit is easier. 4, the heat transfer performance of new refrigerant R134a has a better than R12, therefore the amount of refrigerant can be greatly reduced. 5, low freezing point, latent heat of evaporation is bigger, faster cooling the unit time. 6, compressor pressure ratio is small, make compressor work more easily, extend the service life of the compressor. 7, without changing any air conditioning structure parts, can be directly for replacement. 8, low system cost and the air conditioning system is running, to ensure that the refrigerating capacity at the same time, the power saving rate reaches 20% - - - - - - About 35%.
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