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The difference between different types of refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-03-18
< p> < / p> < p> at present, the commonly used refrigerants model with R410a, everything, R407C, R22 this several, ulla chemical we here under the brief analysis of the differences between them. < / p> < p> everything is a kind of single component refrigerants, and R410a and R407C is mixed refrigerants. Is a mixture of R32 and R125 of R410a and R407C is R32, a mixture of R125 and everything. Mixed refrigerant has the advantage that can be used according to the specific requirements, for all kinds of properties such as flammability, capacity, exhaust gas temperature and efficiency into consideration, tailored to synthesize a kind of refrigerant. Select refrigerants are many factors to consider, because choose any kind of refrigerant will be on the air conditioning system of the overall operation, reliability, cost and market acceptance of a certain impact. To everyone's very interested in, a new refrigerant because of its heat transfer and pressure drop caused by the different transmission performance of refrigerant is different, this will eventually in system design and system have a significant impact on performance. We briefly discuss the several common characteristics on the difference between difference between refrigerants. Everything of small capacity than that of R22, the pressure is lower than R22. Due to these characteristics, the same capacity of everything need to configure a larger displacement air conditioning compressor, evaporator, condenser, and pipeline. Is that, as a result of the final manufacturing and running a and R22 system of cold quantity, same everything system will need higher cost. The volume and pressure of refrigerant R407C and R22 close to. Therefore, as long as the simple adjustment system design can make the original R22 system applies to R407C system. However, the system can effect comparing can reduce about 5% than the original system. This is due to the relative to other refrigerants, R407C can have up to 6 degrees of temperature drift. So R407C system under the same standard when the condenser and evaporator will reduce the heat transfer, affect system can effect comparing. The volume and pressure of refrigerant R410a higher than that of R22, operation pressure is higher than 50% 60%. High pressure and high gas density as a result, not only can use the smaller displacement compressor, also can use the smaller the diameter of the pipe and valve. The use of high pressure exhaust valve to eliminate system condensing pressure brings hidden trouble. Thick compressor housing system has higher operation pressure. Compressor made some heavy has a benefit, namely R410a running noise than significantly lower 2 - R22 compressor 4 db. Compared with R22 system, R410a refrigerant system heat transfer has a significant advantage - 5% higher than 35% higher heat transfer of evaporator, condenser. And everything and R407C system heat transfer coefficient were lower than that of R22. Under the same mass flow rate, the smaller the pressure drop of R410a, make its can use smaller than refrigerant R22 or other piping and valves. For manufacturing R410a system to reduce the material cost are more likely to be more and in the long piping console and more online system have more advantages. Of course, only to design system, can give full play to the heat transfer and pressure drop of R410a the advantage of small - — Can consider to take the following optimization techniques, for example, use the smaller the diameter of the coil, the different fin structure and increase the loop length, reduce the number of the refrigeration circuit. Finally we can see, R410a refrigerant redesigned system, using a smaller volume of evaporator and condenser, cheaper, and up to 30% of the refrigerant filling quantity reduction. Decreases of refrigerant filling in addition to lower costs, also can improve the reliability of the whole system. In the same amount of cold, the same condensation temperature of system, the refrigerant R410a system eer ( COP) Can be better than 6% higher than that of R22. This is due to the loss of the compressor in the compression process is lower and the evaporator and condenser has better heat transfer, pressure drop across the system. Efficient heat transfer and pressure drop of the smaller in the same operation conditions, the condensing temperature is lower and the evaporation temperature is higher, the compressor in less power consumption, higher efficiency than the case, to obtain a better operating range. In addition, for low compression loss characteristics of R410a, small commercial air conditioning system of large compressor gains more than small household air conditioning compressor. < / p> < p> < / p> < p> < / p>:
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